Mamma Mia!... the Trip

Greece, street in Skopelos
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Millions of people loved "Mamma Mia the Movie!" - and it seems like quite a few of them are now planning "Mamma Mia!" trips to Greece. Here's some help in creating your own Mamma Mia! the Movie! vacation in Greece.

Where is the 'Mamma Mia!' island of Kalokairi? Sorry - while Kalokairi doesn't exist, most of the key scenes in the movie were shot on Skopelos and Skiathos. Any true Mamma Mia pilgrimage will include a stay on Skopelos.

Can I Stay at Villa Donna?

Villa Donna, though it is like many other small Greek island hotels, does not exist - but you can stay where Pierce Brosnan, Meryl Streep, and others stayed on the island. The Hotel Skopelos Village provided lodging for Brosnan, Phyllida Lloyd, Meryl Streep, and many others... and you can see their comments in the guest book. They also offer a wedding package complete with a stay in their "Mamma Mia" suite, though you may have to ask for that specifically.

The Pyrgos Villa is located higher up on the same cliffside where Villa Donna was filmed. Meryl Streep would rest there during breaks in the filming at the Villa Donna below. The brokers, Thalpos Holidays, are happy to assist guests who are fans of the movie in locating the spots where various scenes were filmed.

Pierce Brosnan fans might especially enjoy a stay at the Villa Metochi, where he lived on weekends during the filming schedule.

How Do I Get to Kalokairi... I Mean, Skopelos?

Most travelers will go to Athens first, then fly to Skiathos. You cannot fly to Skopelos because there is no airport. You'll need to go to Skiathos and then take a boat over to Skopelos. The airport code for Skiathos is not what you'd expect - it's JSI. In summer, there are often charter flights from London and elsewhere directly to Skiathos.

You can also get to Skopelos by ferry. When looking for schedules, Skopelos and Skiathos may be spelled "Scopelos" and "Sciathos".

What Mamma Mia! Locations Can I Visit?

On Skopelos, you can visit Kasteri Beach, where many scenes were shot, but the jetty and bar are both gone with the movie crew - though I would not be surprised if some enterprising Greek opens up a temporary bar there during the summer. You'll also see Glysteri Beach, below the location of Villa Donna.

With a car, you can also visit the chapel where the exterior shots of the wedding scene were filmed.

In the Pelion area, the village of Damouchari is the spot to visit. Crew members stayed at the Hotel Damouchari, and many of the local residents were extras in the film. The dance on the jetty which ended in the women jumping into the water was filmed here.

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