Before You Plan Your Summer Vacation

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Summer vacation is a time couples in love joyfully anticipate. Warmer days, longer nights, and being outside in places where the sun brightly shines lift spirits. Plus, in summer you wear less and feel sexier.

Whether you've taken a summer vacation together before or this is your first time planning one, you'll find out here how to have a hot time this season.

Know Where to Go When on a Summer Vacation

First check out the best places for a summer vacation and what type of weather to expect:



Summer Vacation Beach Guide

Can't imagine summer vacation without a visit to the beach? Then survey the best beaches coast to coast, and find out where you can even get an all-over tan.



Summer Vacation Celebrations

Summer time, and everyone wants to be outside. Consider scheduling your summer vacation to coincide with a popular event.



Cool Places for a Summer Vacation

Not everyone loves hot weather, which calls for planning a summer vacation away from the beach (and the crowds). Head north, to the mountains, or on weekend getaways that guarantee an air-conditioner is within close reach.



If This is Your First Summer Vacation Together...

It's not difficult to set up your first summer vacation. It just takes a little time to do some research. First, decide on whether you want to go where it's hot or avoid the heat.

Then think about whether you want to fly or drive, and how much time and money you want to spend on transportation. After that, begin to research hotels and resorts. Then use the tips below to identify places likely to please the two of you.



If You Got Married in the Summer...

Celebrate your wedding anniversary with the gift of travel. If you married in the summer, I've got suggestions for the best places to travel during all three months. While it's thoughtful to exchange cards and presents, many couples consider the greatest gift they can give and get is a vacation together... just the two of you.


Make Your Summer Vacation a Special Occasion

A summer vacation is a special occasion in and of itself. And if you're the kind of couple who likes your sundaes with whipped cream, nuts, and an extra cherry on top, you can enhance the experience by planning a summer picnic, taking a romantic drive, making the most of summer night magic, and being sure you fit in a maximum amount of fun before Labor Day, the traditional time for summer vacation to end.



Packing Tips for a Summer Vacation

Once you're ready to stop daydreaming about your summer vacation and start preparing, take some packing tips. Learn what kind of luggage will work best for you and check what you need to take against my A-Z packing list.



Avoiding Summer Vacation Pitfalls

Summer is hurricane season in some parts of the world. Learn how to prevent your summer vacation from becoming a washout here.