Planning Your Oahu Vacation

A Guide to Help You Plan Your Vacation to Oahu, Hawaii's Gathering Place

Aerial View of Oahu's Southeast Shore
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Oahu is the third largest and most populous of the Hawaiian Islands and the island where most people visit especially for their first Hawaii vacation. For these reasons Oahu's nickname is the "Gathering Place."

The island of Oahu comprises the County of Honolulu. The entire island is governed by the mayor of Honolulu and technically speaking the entire island is the Honolulu.

Get to Know the Island of Oahu

Before you visit Oahu, it's helpful to learn a bit more about the island itself and the people who live there. You'll be visiting the most culturally and ethnically diverse place in the USA.

Get to Know the People and Language of Oahu and Hawaii

It's also really helpful to learn a bit about the people and language of Hawaii. Both are a lot different than you are used to on the mainland.

Planning Your Trip

While you're still at home, there's a lot you can do to help make your trip a success. Careful planning can both save you lots of money, but also aggravation once you reach Hawaii.

Choosing Things to See and Do on Oahu

Now that you've booked your airfare, selected your hotel or resort and arranged for your rental car, it's time to plan some things to do and see.

My Favorite Oahu Paid Tours

Now that you have a general idea of what type of things there are to see and do, here are a few of my favorite specific tours that you can take.

Don't Miss These Attractions on Oahu

There are several places on Oahu that you definitely do not want to miss. If you only have time to do a few things, make sure that you visit these places.

Waikiki is a Shopper's Paradise

Waikiki is a great place to shop and offers prestigious retailers such as Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent as well as more modest stores such as the ever-present ABC Stores and the world-famous International Market Place. The Royal Hawaiian Center has undergone a major renovation and contains 150 stores and restaurants on four levels.

View Some Photos

I hope that I've been able to help you plan your visit to Oahu. Before you go, take a few minutes to look at some of our many photos of the island of Oahu, Hawaii's Gathering Place.

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