Planning a Trip to Germany's Europa-Park

••• Erin Porter

Germany’s largest theme park (and Europe’s second most visited after Disneyland) is located in the southwest near Freiburg. Brimming with mini-foreign lands, children's rides, food and drink and about a dozen hair-raising roller coasters, this park amuses the whole family. 

The park covers 94 hectares and is largely outdoors. It can accommodate roughly 50,000 visitors a day - about 4.5 million visitors a year.

A full guide to the lands and rides can be found in our post on the Foreign Lands of Europa-Park.

Summer Season at Europa-Park

The summer season opens on March 19th and continues to party until November 26th, 2016.

During this period, water rides are in full swing and there is a diverse program on offer. Park-goers can attend the "Inspired by the Panda" show which is presented in collaboration with the Chinese National Circus or "Waterloo", a musical in the recreated Globe Theater. Back outside, people need to be prepared to get wet - either from the rides or German summer weather. Check the webcam and weather info on the day of your visit to plan your outfit accordingly. The park is open dailyfrom 9:00 to 18:00 (hours may be extended during high times).

Winter Season at Europa-Park

There is also a winter season from November 26th, 2016 to January 8th, 2017 (with closures on December 24th and 25th) and January 14th to 15th, daily from 11:00 to 19:00.

While some of the attractions are closed, this season features ice shows and special decorations. For more about this season, refer to our guide on Europa-Park in Winter.

Where to Stay for Europa-Park

Europa-Park Hotels

Like the other mouse-mascoted theme park, there are several hotels on the grounds.

Along with the obvious benefit of being located within walking distance of the park, hotel guests can enter the park 30 minutes to an hour early depending on the season.

  • Bell Rock - Based on charming New England (USA) architecture.
  • Colosseo - Presents the beauty of Italy complete with spas and restaurants.
  • Santa Isabel - The comforts and conveniences of a modern hotel in the style of a Portuguese monastery.
  • Castillo Alcazar - An eye-catching hotel showcasing the Middle Ages.

  • El Anduluz - Enjoy the elegance of Spain.

  • The Guesthouse “Circus Rolando“ - Located on the main the “German Alley“, this site offers discount rooms in the heart of Europa-Park.

  • Camp Resort - It's a Wild West holiday fit for families, school outings or nature-lovers. Accommodations range from covered wagons to teepees.

All hotels are 4-star and start at €60 per night, per adult in a double room. Hotels are open throughout the year, irregardless of the park's season.

Hotels in Rust & Ringsheim

Europa-Park is located in small-town Rust. In response to the park, there are many hotels as well as homes have opened small B&Bs (Pensions). These rooms are usually inexpensive, clean and offer a personable manager.

Nearby Ringsheim is another option as it offers low prices and a location within walking distance to the nearest train station.

There is a free shuttle bus (Südbadenbus) from Ringsheim straight to Europa-Park.

Transportation to Europa-Park

Address: Europa-Park-Straße 2, 77977 Rust

By Plane

Various airports offer access to the park:

  • Airport Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (64 km)
  • Aéroport International Strasbourg (64 km)
  • Airport EuroAirport in Basel (90 km)
  • Airport Stuttgart (175 km)
  • Airport Frankfurt (240 km) 

By Train
The nearest train station is Ringsheim. There are Duetsche-Bahn “Europa-Park Kombi-Tickets“ and visitors can buy entrance tickets directly from DB vending machines.

By Car
Arrival from the north: Take the autobahn A5 toward Basel. Leave at Rust (57b) exit, and a feeder road will take you straight to Europa-Park.

Arrival from the south: Take the autobahn A5 toward Karlsruhe/Frankfurt. Leave at Rust (57b) exit, and a feeder road will take you straight to Europa-Park.

Parking costs  €5 (free for hotel guests).