Planning a Camping Honeymoon

Is a Camping Honeymoon Right for You?

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A camping honeymoon can be a great idea for a couple who love the outdoors and are willing to chance the weather. Some of the best reasons for deciding to choose a camping honeymoon are that it:

  • Is affordable
  • Puts you in touch with nature
  • Can take place close to home or far away, anywhere from an uncrowded beach to a national park to a remote mountaintop
  • Helps a couple get to know one another really well

    Choose a Destination for Your Camping Honeymoon

    The Camping Expert has an entire site devoted to helping readers plan camping trips. Suggested articles:

    Camping in North America

    The National & State Parks site is a good resource for couples who want to plan a camping honeymoon in the USA or Canada. Suggested articles:

    Outfit Yourselves for a Camping Honeymoon

    If you haven't camped before (or want to augment what you already have), you can shop for gear online. The basics are simple: a tent, a tarp, and sleeping gear. The following are all reputable sellers.

    • REI (visit site) is a one-stop shop that can outfit your outdoor travel and camping with the latest gear, clothing, and footwear. The company also leads camping and active adventures.
    • Paragon Sports (buy gear online) can help to equip you with just about everything you need for a honeymoon camping trip. It stocks tents, compasses, cookware, sleeping bags, lanterns, and offers a variety in each category.
    • (order maps online) has what you need to plan your route in advance and lead the way when you're on site.
    • Magellan's (search for gear) carries specialty items, ranging from flashlights and rainwear to solar power packs and insect repellant.
    • If you need luggage as well, Zappos provides a vast selection.

    A Few Words of Warning

    As exciting and adventurous as a camping honeymoon sounds, it's certainly not for everyone. There's no shame in telling your partner that you're not cut out to be a camper. Don't choose a camping honeymoon if:

    • One or both of you are very modest
    • Insects make you squeamish
    • Sounds in the dark frighten you
    • You don't want to be rained on, snowed on, or uncomfortably hot
    • You require immediate access to a shower
    • You don't like the idea of cooking your own meals
    • Nights without TV and Web access are unacceptable
    • You want to experience a bit of luxury on your honeymoon

    If none of those situations faze you, then an outdoor honeymoon is probably a great idea for the two of you. Go forth and pitch your tent.