Planning a Camping Honeymoon

Is a Camping Honeymoon Right for You?

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A camping honeymoon can be a great idea for a couple who love the outdoors and are willing to chance the weather. Some of the best reasons for deciding to choose a camping honeymoon are that it:

  • Is affordable
  • Puts you in touch with nature
  • Can take place close to home or far away, anywhere from an uncrowded beach to a national park to a remote mountaintop
  • Helps a couple get to know one another really well

Choose a Destination for Your Camping Honeymoon

If you haven't camped before, it's really important to prepare for the adventure and know what to expect. These articles offer help and insight to loving it up outdoors:

Camping in North America

If you intend to go camping in the USA or Canada, these articles can point you in the right direction:

Outfit Yourselves for a Camping Honeymoon

If you haven't camped before (or want to update or augment gear you already have), you can shop for everything you need online. The basics are simple: a tent, a tarp, and sleeping gear. The following are all reputable sellers.

  • REI (visit site) is a one-stop shop that can outfit your outdoor travel and camping with the latest gear, clothing, and footwear. The company even sells boots and packs for your dog and also leads camping and active adventures.
  • Paragon Sports (buy gear online) can help to equip you with just about everything you need for a honeymoon camping trip. It stocks tents, compasses, cookware, sleeping bags, lanterns, and offers a variety in each category. And the airbeds (along with pump) can change a rocky night to a dreamy one.
  • (order maps online) has what you need to plan your route in advance and lead the way when you're on site.
  • Magellan's (search for gear) carries specialty items, ranging from flashlights and rainwear to solar power packs and insect repellant.
  • If you need luggage as well, Zappos (shop online) provides a vast selection.

A Few Words of Warning

As exciting and adventurous as a camping honeymoon sounds, overnighting in the great outdoors is certainly not for everyone. There's no shame in telling your partner that you're not cut out to be a camper. Don't choose a camping honeymoon if:

  • One or both of you are very modest
  • Insects make you squeamish
  • Sounds in the dark frighten you
  • Dark and isolation unnerve you
  • You don't want to be rained on, snowed on, or uncomfortably hot
  • You require immediate access to a shower
  • You don't like the idea of cooking your own meals
  • Nights without TV and Web access are unacceptable
  • You want to experience a bit of luxury on your honeymoon

If none of those situations faze you, then an outdoor honeymoon is probably a great idea for the two of you. Go forth and pitch your tent.

Glamping: The Luxurious Alternative to Camping

Imagine someone else setting up your tent under the stars, sheathing your bed in luxury linens, building a fire for you, cooking a gourmet meal that you've specified, cleaning up, and then departing so you can enjoy the rest of the evening alone together... that's glamping, a portmanteau for "glamorous camping."

If you've resisted going camping to avoid bugs, dirt, using nature as your bathroom, and having to cook for yourselves, going glamping will get you outdoors without having to deal with the unpleasantries. It's a comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors without getting your hands dirty.

Luxury resorts that possess large tracts of land are good prospects for glamping. At Montana's Resort at Paws Up, for example, couples can overnight in an oversize, safari-style tent with a feather bed, copper bathtub for two, ensuite bathroom and air conditioning from late May through September. Adult-only Honeymoon Tents are set aside for couples who don't need any one else around, except for the camping butler who delivers and presents your meals.

If you're interested in a glamping vacation, you can experience one around the world. Search for your next rustic, romantic, but not really rugged getaway at

Another alternative: Rustic Romantic Retreats. Although you'll have shelter and perhaps some luxury amenities, these faraway places can be the sweet spot between camping and glamping.


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