Plan Your Perfect Spring Break Camping Trip

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Spring break is a great time to pack up the car and hit the road with your family or best buddies. Whether it is your first time camping, or you are just looking forward to some time outdoors, we have some resources to help you plan your spring break camping trip. From campground apps to stargazing calendars, and top spring break destinations, we’ve got you covered. Plan your spring break camping trip with a  few of our favorite campaign trip resources. 

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    Plan a Camping Road Trip

    ••• Campers having fun on the beaches of Baja, California. © Monica Prelle

    The thrill of hitting the open road and heading where the wind blows is pretty appealing -- especially for a spring break adventure. A spontaneous road trip can offer some of the best experiences and memories that you’ll ever have. But a road trip with no plans can also be a disaster. There a few things to consider before you set out on a camping road trip.

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    Let's face it -- iPhone apps have restructured the way we live our lives, how we travel and how we search for a campground. There are a lot of great camping apps and quite a few that aren't worth your download.

    Our favorite apps help us find a campground, and download maps for traveling. You pitched your tent, set up the campground kitchen, and gathered wood for your campfire, but once your campsite is set, now what? Most of us love to venture in the great outdoors, and now there are many great iPhone apps to help us explore more. 

    Check out this list of our favorite camping apps and hit the road on a spring break camping road trip.

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    Camping for Beginners

    Spring break is a great time to go camping for the first time. If you are a camping beginner, have no fear; we have camping lessons for you here. In this five-part series you will learn about the camping gear you need to pack, where to camp, how to set up and break down your campsite, and how to clean and store your gear when you get home.

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    Campground cooking can be simple and easy, yet still delicious and one of the best parts of the camping experience. From one-pot meals to gourmet Dutch oven cooking, food will taste best when served in the great outdoors.

    Common concerns include what food to take camping and how to keep it cold in the cooler. Cooking at the campground can be intimidating -- there is a lot to pack and you don't want to forget any key ingredients, but a few simple preparations and methods can make campground cooking easy, enjoyable and delicious!

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    Dutch Oven Cooking

    If you are a more experienced camper, Dutch oven  cooking is a great way to make up some tasty food for your friends at the campground. You’ll need a few essential tools, a couple of good recipes, and tasty ingredients.

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    There are a lot of ways to ruin a good camping trip. And it's even easier to ruin the great outdoors for others. Sure, leave your trash in the fire pit, let the bears get into your cooler and have your raging party go all-night-long.

    It is not that camping has a lot of rules, but there are a few things you can do on camping trip to make sure everyone has fun, including your neighbors and the wildlife. Here are a few things not to do on a camping trip.

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    Planning a trip with your girlfriend, or a group of girls? Maybe you are a girl who is unsure about of the great outdoors. Some people just can’t get over their camping fears -- bugs, and dirt and bears, oh my! Maybe, but even the girliest of girls can love the great outdoors.

    Here are a few things girly girls (and guys) don’t like about camping and how to solve the problem.

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    Plan a Stargazing Campout

    Campers love the stars, the moon and the night sky, so why not plan a stargazing campout? Meteor showers, constellations, new and full moons are all great for nighttime viewing.

    Choose a campground that is away from city lights and ocean fog. Mountainous or hilltop locations are ideal for stargazing campouts. You might want to consider skipping the campfire or hike to an area with open sky for the best viewing.

    More Information: 2014 Stargazing Calendar

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    Spring break is all about good weather and California is the golden state, after all. From its sandy beaches, to tall mountains and desserts, California has a wide variety of camping and a number of top spots to pitch a tent.

    If you love to surf and camp, there are beachfront campgrounds, and if wine tasting is your pastime, the Napa Valley and Central Coast are great places to camp. Just about anywhere you go in California there are campgrounds or RV parks, but these are our favorite places to pitch a tent.

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    Virgin Islands National Park

    How about warm water, sandy beaches and a tropical climate for spring break? Sounds good to us! Virgin Island National Park is a quiet national park getaway and has some fantastic opportunities for outdoor adventures and camping. Read this story from a national park ranger and get inspired.

    Virgin Islands National Park has two campgrounds; Cinnamon Bay Campground is located on park property, and Maho Bay Campground, a privately owned campground is located within the authorized boundary of the park.

    More Information: Virgin Islands: a National Park Getaway

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    Mexico Camping

    Spring break doesn’t get much better than beach camping adventures south of the border. Camping on the beaches of Mexico is one of the most popular spring break destinations and is popular among student travelers.

    Not sure where to go on your spring break trip to Mexico? Head over to the Mexico travel page and find top destinations for your trip. 

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