Plan the Best Bachelorette Party or Stagette in Vancouve, BC

Bachelorette party & stagette ideas

Granville Street, Vancouver
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The first step in planning a bachelorette party or stagette in Vancouver is determining what type of party the bride wants. Whether she wants drunken bar-hopping, a sophisticated night on the town, an outdoor adventure, an intimate gathering, or a combination (kayaking then drinking!), this Guide to Planning the Best Stagette in Vancouver has the perfect way to celebrate your bride!

Club- & Bar-Hopping, Tiara Optional

For the last 20+ years or so, the bride's equivalent to the groom's 'strip club bachelor party' has been bar-or-club-hopping while wearing something that advertises her about-to-be-married status. Some brides-to-be wear tiaras or candy-penis necklaces (yes, that exists), boas, cowboy hats, a t-shirt that says "Kiss the Bride," etc., with the rest of the ladies in the party sometimes following suit. (I went to one stagette in Vancouver where we all wore white.) The party then moves from bar-to-bar (or club-to-club) drinking, flirting, dancing, playing games, etc. If this is what your bride wants, then get her accessories and toys at the lady-friendly Honey Gifts (3448 Cambie St.) and head to the Granville Strip (Granville St. in downtown Vancouver), where there are loads of bars and clubs in short walking distance of each other. For dancing, grab drinks then head for one of the Top 10 Nightclubs in Vancouver.

Sophisticated Night on the Town

A lot of brides don't want to wear tiaras / ride the proverbial mechanical bull. If your bride's ideal stagette in Vancouver is a sophisticated night on the town, try these ideas:

Burlesque Clubs & Classes

Burlesque clubs are a hotspot for stagettes; they're sexy yet lady-friendly, and lots of fun. Try Kitty Nights at the Biltmore or check the Vancouver Burlesque Centre (which also has burlesque party plans). Or, have the whole party take a burlesque class!

Outdoor Adventure Stagettes / Bachelorettes

A girlfriend of mine eschewed the drinking/nighttime stagette tradition in favor of a day spent parasailing followed by a sleepover. If your bride is more outdoors than indoors, use these Guides to create your own outdoor adventure stagette in Vancouver:

Vancouver Spas & Girl Getaways

Turn a bachelorette party in Vancouver into a relaxing pre-wedding party with a trip to one of Vancouver's Best Spas (which can be followed with dinner or a sleepover), or take the bride on a weekend getaway:

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