Plan the Best Bachelor Party or Stag Party Ever in Vancouver, BC

Bachelor Party & Stag Party Ideas for Vancouver, BC

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Summer is the season for weddings in Vancouver, which makes it the season for stag parties/bachelor parties. (In Canada, we call them stag parties.) (Of course, people get married in every season, so these ideas can--mostly--carry over to any month of the year.)

The first step in planning a bachelor party/stag party in Vancouver is determining what type of party the groom wants. Does he want an old-school, alcohol-infused trip to a strip club? A night on the town? Or is he into outdoor sports and adventures? Use this Guide to Planning a Bachelor Party in Vancouver for party ideas that run the gamut from traditional to outside-the-(stripper) box.

Vancouver Strip Clubs

Let's get this one out of the way first. If the groom's ideal stag party includes a trip to a strip club, then Vancouver is the perfect place to be. If you're traveling up from Washington / the U.S., you may be surprised to learn that Vancouver strip clubs serve alcohol (strip clubs in Washington do not) and feature full nudity. As in yes, you can see everything.

The Penthouse (1019 Seymour St.) pretty much embodies the stag party strip club experience. From personal (albeit, one time only) experience, the ladies are athletic and exuberant, the atmosphere is almost not sleazy, and it's pretty clean. It's walking distance to the Granville Strip (tons of bars and nightclubs), so you can make it a final stop on a night of drinking and debauchery.

If the groom wants a high-end stripping experience, take him to Brandi's (595 Hornby St.). Brandi's attracts a celebrity clientele; past fans include, famously, Ben Affleck.

Want to go really sleazy? Try No. 5 Orange, in the Downtown Eastside (yes, the bad part of town). 

Sophisticated Drinking & Dining

For the cosmopolitan groom, the ideal bachelor party in Vancouver may simply be a night on the town with his friends.

Stag Party as Outdoor Adventure

Alcohol isn't a necessary ingredient in a great stag party--it's really about bonding with your friends. Some of the best ideas for an unforgettable stag party in Vancouver are outdoor adventures that you can't have anywhere else.

Plan an outdoor stag party--combine kayaking Indian Arm during the day with camping at night, for example--with these Guides:

Want someone else to do the planning for you? Buy an experience "package" from Perfect Day Experiences, where everyone pays per person for whatever adventure you choose--kayaking, race car driving, flying, etc.,--and the party can split the cost for the groom. Wicked Bachelor also has bachelor party packages for Vancouver that include sports and outdoor activities.

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