6 Wonderful Places Where the US Dollar Now Goes Further

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Japan

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Looking for a great vacation buy this year? The world is your oyster. Thanks to a resurgence of the US dollar, your vacation dollars buy much more than they used to in destinations around the globe.

Here are great-value places where your money will go further—often much further—than it used to.

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    Tourist couple, El Castillo temple, Chichen Itza

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    The Mexican peso has hit an all-time low against the US greenback, which means Americans will get more value for money south of the border than ever before. With the peso now worth barely more than a nickel, a Mexican vacation is a bargain worth snapping up.

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    Canada Travel
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    The Canadian dollar is currently in its longest period of decline since the 1970s. That's unfortunate for our friends to the north but fantastic for American travelers looking for a vacation at bargain prices.

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    Paris with Kids
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    The beleaguered euro has been dogged by gloomy growth and many experts are predicting the dollar will hit parity this year. The fall has been dramatic, considering one euro bought you $1.60 back in summer 2008. Itching for a European vacation? This is a stellar time to do it.

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    Mount Fuji, Japan
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    Once a notoriously pricey destination, Japan is now moderately priced for Americans. That's because the dollar buys 67 percent more yen than it did two years ago. 

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    Ayres Rock, Australia
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    The Australian dollar has fallen more than 20 percent against the greenback in the past year. That means a bucket list vacation Down Under is a fantastic deal in 2016.

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    Kruger National Park, South Africa
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    Dreaming of visiting Africa? The South African rand is yet another currency to hit an all-time low against the dollar, which means that once-in-a-lifetime safari will cost a lot less now than a few years ago.