How to Find Your Perfect Hotel - or Other Place to Stay in Newport Beach

You probably know a dozen ways to find a Newport Beach hotel. In fact, you can probably rattle off half a dozen websites that will help you do it. Those services are great for searching for hotels in an area - and for going bargain-hunting.

What they're not so good at is giving you ALL the information you need to find the best place for your trip: one that's in the most convenient location and is affordable. In short, what you still need to know are all those things no one else will tell you. That's exactly what this guide is for.

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Get Oriented in Newport Beach

Antique Postcard from Balboa Motel, Newport Beach
Photo courtesy Orange County Archives.

Newport Beach is about 2 miles wide and 4 miles long. It stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the I-405 Freeway. 

Where to stay in Newport Beach from a geographic point of view depends on why you're going there. If you came for business, you'll find some hotels near the John Wayne Orange County Airport and around Fashion Island Shopping Center.

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Finding the Perfect Hotel in Newport Beach

I'm here for you as a traveler, so I'm going to focus on the recreational parts of Newport Beach. If you're looking for a Southern California beach experience, look in the area around the Newport Harbor.

The Balboa Peninsula is a slender finger of land that lies between the Pacific Ocean and the harbor. On one side, you'll find sandy beaches and ocean waves. Walk just a few blocks east and you'll be facing the yacht harbor. You'll find a few hotels there and a lot of vacation rentals.

You can also find hotels along Pacific Coast Highway that are close to - or overlook - the harbor. That's where the fancier resort hotels are.

You can always stay inland and drive. It's not that far. But if you came to Newport Beach to enjoy the ocean, why not stay as close as you can to it?

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Getting the Lowest Rate for Your Newport Beach Hotel

Start by comparing prices and reading reviews of Newport Beach hotels at Tripadvisor. Zoom in on the area around the harbor.

Once you've picked a few good candidate hotels for your trip, apply all the best tricks to get the lowest possible rate. In particular, don't over the old-fashioned-sounding (but very effective) tactic of talking to them on the telephone. Here's what you need to know to do it right.

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Camping in Newport Beach

You'll find an upscale RV park in Newport Beach. It's just up the hill from the harbor. Newport Dunes has plenty of room for even the largest RVs to park. It has all the amenities of a resort and also has some tent camping site. You can get all their detailed info here.

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Vacation Rentals and AirBNB in Newport Beach

In Newport Beach, AirBNB is a little slow to take hold in the vacation rental business. You will find some rentals on the north side of the peninsula,.

If you're looking for a place on the beach, you may be better of with one of the local vacation rental agencies. You can find several of them by searching online for "newport beach vacation rentals." 

Newport Dunes RV Resort also has some cute little beachfront cottages that might be just right for you. Because people don't normally look for cottages at an RV park, it might have a vacancy when other places don't.

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