Where to Propose Marriage in Las Vegas

Bellagio fountain and the Strip in Las Vegas

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Whether it's Valentine's Day or a random day in August, you can pop the question in Las Vegas and still achieve that traditional romantic vibe you're aiming for. These three places to propose in Las Vegas are good at any time of the year.

The Bellagio Fountains

You cannot walk down the Las Vegas strip without watching the Bellagio fountains do their thing. The music is on, the lights flicker, and before you know it you are singing along and wanting to kiss someone with such deep passion that you might be asked to leave the public space. 

This is a good setting but don’t do it outside with all the strangers taking pictures of your magical moment. Make a reservation at Le Cirque. Ask for the general manager and explain to him exactly what you want to do. Talk to him about the passion you have for your impending proposal. He can help you design the perfect evening with a glimpse of the fountains and the romanticism that is Bellagio Las Vegas.

A Couples Massage

If you are about to pop the question, you need to book the Rasul Ceremony at the Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian. This is the treatment that will entice you to book massages every week for eternity. Scrub and rub each other and share an afternoon of relaxation and a bit of temptation. After the couples massage, relax in the co-ed conservatory and slowly whisper those words to your partner. There is no way you’ll be denied in this atmosphere.

During a Simulated Airplane Dogfight

The dogfight proposal is the wedding proposal for the couple that does things differently. You don’t want or need an audience and the idea of getting down on one knee is ridiculous because you share everything in such a fashion that both of you would burst out laughing. You need Sky Combat Ace to help with your plan.

You’ll book a dogfight package and then let them know that you want to propose mid-flight right before you start flying through the air in a simulated dogfight. Is it crazy? Of course, but this is for the couple who seeks out patches of powder in the Wasatch and free dives in the Caribbean. A proposal above the Las Vegas desert is a story that will be told for years to come.

After the Proposal

You'll need a great place to have a meal once the two of you have agreed to get married. Remember, this is the spot that one day will be explained to your children. Don’t just go out and have a pizza. Find something very special that says something about the two of you and the love you have for each other.

These spots say romance as well as elegance. They also will help you have that special experience to cap off the day that you decided to take yourself off the market.

  • Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand—There are no words to describe the elegance and atmosphere at Joel Robuchon. The experience takes you to another level with customer service that goes beyond what you could ever expect. This is fine dining on a level that you have only heard about. This is truly reserved for very special occasions.
  • Top of the World at Stratosphere Tower—The views are the very best in Las Vegas and the food will dazzle you as well. You’ll celebrate your special day while you look out over Las Vegas. You might have so much fun that you’ll decide to take a leap off the tower after dessert.
  • A terrace at Cosmopolitan Hotel—Some events in your life you want to share with just one other person. Why not do it on a terrace at Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas. Have room service send up a nice bottle of something with bubbles. Sit on the terrace with a view of Las Vegas and start dreaming of what the future looks like now that you have agreed to spend it together.
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