The Best Places to Kiss in South America

beach in south america

Whether you are planning a special Valentine's Day getaway or you are simply thinking about a good place for a romantic trip with your partner, South America has many great places to steal a kiss.

The ideal location will differ depending on your perspective, but whether you are looking for privacy in a quiet location or a spot with a stunning view, there are some great places worth considering. These places will give you a memory that will stay with you for a lifetime, and can be great places to pop the question too, if you are thinking of a marriage proposal!


The Top of a Skiing Hill in Bariloche

The city of Bariloche is one that has plenty going for it, and is actually one of the oldest cities in Argentina, with an Andean heritage and an European atmosphere, with the nickname 'Little Switzerland'.

While the excellent chocolate and attractive mountain views make for an interesting destination, it is during the winter that the city comes alive. When the snow has fallen and the skiing is good you can head to the top of the slopes, and before you enjoy the adrenaline rush as you speed back down the hill, make sure you enjoy a kiss with your partner before a magnificent snowy mountain backdrop.


The Viewpoint at Iguazu Falls

There are some places that would be memorable whatever you do there, and the Iguazu Falls is certainly one of those locations, with a spectacular amount of water that comes crashing down in cascades over these cataracts.

The Devil's Throat is an ideal location for a brief exchange of tongues, and here you will have a 270 degree view of the waterfalls, if you can tear your eyes away from your partner. As you exchange your kiss, if you shut your eyes your senses will be heightened, and you will feel the whisper of spray falling on you as you and your partner share this special moment.


During a Sunset Walk on Ipanema Beach

While Copacabana may be the party beach in Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema is the more elegant and classy of the two main beaches in the city, where sleek cafes and stylish wine bars face on to the beach.

Enjoying a stroll along the beach is great at anytime during the day, but as the sun sets over the hill at the southern end of the beach, the red, orange and golden colors make for a stunning view, and this is a wonderful spot to enjoy a magical kiss.


With a View of a Patagonian Glacier

Los Glaciares National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and different areas of the park will offer some very different views.

You can share a kiss on a cruise as you approach the spot where the glacier meets the water, while those who are a little more active may want to enjoy the hike up above a glacier so that you can see all of the valleys and the crevasses that are formed by these slowly moving bodies of ice. Either way, it is a wonderful place to enjoy a passionate kiss.


While Cruising on the Amazon River

The Amazon Basin is a huge area with the river passing through several countries, but there are some areas that are particularly popular among those who are looking to take a cruise there. Whether you are watching the birds flit through the trees, or you are lucky enough to see the river dolphins frolicking in the water, the Amazon is another stunning backdrop for a memorable kiss.