10 Places To Keep Cool in Las Vegas

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    Where To Go In Las Vegas To Stay Out Of The Heat

    ••• Encore Beach Club. Photo by Zeke Quezada

    It's really easy to avoid the heat if you want to spend your entire day in a casino. Sit at a blackjack table and you will not feel the heat. You will keep cool. Unfortunately, you might lose a lot of money. My wife and I had a policy of only gambling when it was dark. It saved us plenty of money and forced us to go looking for diversions. Those diversion usually required us to be inside since the summer months can be quite warm. The weather in Las Vegas can be ugly in the summer months if you are opposed to the heat. Some people love it and you'll see them walking down Las Vegas Blvd. with a drink in their hand and acting like the blazing heat is their idea of paradise.

    I'm not entirely like that. Don't get me wrong, I love the heat, I just need to get away every now and then and cool off. If you need an idea of what the temperatures are like during May, June, July, August and September you can get a good idea by clicking on the individual months or you can just take my...MORE word for it. Believe me it can get uncomfortable.

    So what do you do? Check out these suggestions for staying cool in Las Vegas:

    • If you happen to have the extra cash to get a cabana at Encore Beach Club I can guarantee you that the water, the drinks and good company will help you forget about the heat.
    • Spend an afternoon at one of the best Spas in Las Vegas and you'll be sure to keep cool.
    • Take in an afternoon show such as Mac King and laugh your way through the heat.
    • How about a climate controlled theme park? Yes, Adventuredome at Circus Circus will keep you cool.
    • The Forum Shops will help you stay out of the heat but they might make you dig into your wallet.
    • Take a Gondola Ride in an indoor mall
    • Head up to Mt. Charleston
    • Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace has a frozen hot chocolate that will invite the brain freeze quite quick. Can you get cooler than that?
    • Have a Giant Frozen Margarita at Carlos 'n Charlies
    • Lounge in the the Lazy River at Mandalay Beach
    Who said you can't beat the heat?
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    See a Movie By The Pool at Cosmopolitan Resort

    Dive in Movie at Cosmopolitan Resort
    ••• Dive-In Movie at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Zeke Quezada

    Monday nights at Cosmopolitan Resort the Dive-in Movies are on and the experience is very Vegas.

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    Play It A lIttle Golf at TopGolf Vegas

    Top Golf Hitting Bay
    ••• The View From A Top Golf Las Vegas Hitting Bay. Luke Quezada

    There is actually a pool at TopGolf Las Vegas so you can work on your game and stay cool in their climate controlled hitting bays or with a dip in one of two pools.


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    Spa Day To Beat The Heat

    Stay indoors and relax the stress away in a Las Vegas spa instead of facing the summer sun on the Las Vegas strip


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    Have Some Gelato

    Art of Flavors Gelato
    ••• Art of Flavors Gelato in Las Vegas. Zeke Quezada

    Indulge in some gelato to keep you cool in Las Vegas at Art of Flavors


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    Have A Beer To Keep You Cool

    Find a spot in the shade and have a beer outdoors in Las Vegas