Places to Hike in Memphis

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Photo courtesy of Shelby Farms Park Conservancy

Looking to experience the outdoors while visiting Memphis? Or maybe you live in the Bluff City and want a place to get out and experience a fun day in the outdoors.

Memphis doesn’t have an abundance of state parks in the area but for anyone looking for an enjoyable hike there are options in the metro area. Whether it’s walking a rails to trails converted bike lane, paths through woods in the city’s various parks or adventures near the Mississippi River, there are Memphis hiking options to get out and experience nature. Check out these places to hike in Memphis.

Shelby Farms:

Shelby Farms rivals some of the greatest and largest urban parks in North America, including the massive Stanley Park on the waterfront in Vancouver and the granddaddy of all city parks, New York’s Central Park. Shelby Farms provides numerous paved and off-road trails for enjoyable walks, runs or bike rides. There are 5K and 10K trails that cut across meadows and through the woods. There are several basic wooded paths that provide opportunities for hiking adventures. And the paved Shelby Farms Greenline is a former rail line that connects the park to Midtown Memphis.

Lichterman Nature Center:

Lichterman Nature Center provides pleasant walks through meadows, woods and around swamps and lakes that give nature lovers an opportunity to explore the great outdoors. One of the great things about the park is it’s in the middle of the city, making it easy to get to from almost anywhere in the Memphis.

Wolf River Trails:

Just like it says, the Wolf River Trails wind through the bottomlands near the Wolf River. This is a favorite for mountain bike enthusiasts and runners alike. The entrance to the trails are in various spots along Germantown Parkway or near Shelby Farms. If you decide to walk or run, do pay attention to cyclists coming around the corner.

Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park:

Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park is located in North Shelby County, a short drive from Downtown Memphis, Shelby Forest provides the most complete hiking experience in the Memphis area with some 20 miles of hiking trails.

Overton Park:

Overton Park provides a great forest hiking opportunity for those who want to stay in the center of the city. Overton Park is in the heart of Midtown Memphis and provides plenty of cultural opportunities, from the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art to the Levitt Shell and Memphis Zoo. The old-growth forest is on the east side of the park where hikers can enjoy the beauty of trees that have remained untouched for all time.

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