10 Places Near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens path in Autumn
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The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is one of Brooklyn's most beloved destinations. Calmer than Coney and less brassy than the Bridge, it's a remarkable oasis in New York's famously demanding urban jungle. Spend an hour here for the psychic equivalent of a good massage, a great yoga class, or a walk on the beach. It's also a place where children romp, lovers kiss, and old-timers sit and reminisce with friends.

Brooklyn magic.

What are other destinations one might visit, in combination with a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden?

10 Attractions Near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Here's a list of great Brooklyn destinations near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, listed by distance, from the closest to the furthest. The closest, the Brooklyn Museum, is next door. The furthest, the Brooklyn Children's Museum, is just 1.3 miles or 2.1 kilometers away.

  1. Brooklyn Museum (next door)
  2. Brooklyn Central Library (2 blocks, a short walk)
  3. Prospect Park (.3 miles or .4 km)
  4. Prospect Heights (.3 miles or .4 km)
  5. Grand Army Plaza (half a mile or .8 km)
  6. Prospect Park Zoo (.7 miles or 1.1 km)
  7. Park Slope (.7 miles or 1.1 km)
  8. Lefferts House (1.1 miles or 1.8 km)
  9. Jewish Children's Museum (1.1 miles or 1.8 km)
  10. Brooklyn Children's Museum (1.3 miles or 2.1 km)

Location Specs

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is in Prospect Heights, near to the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Central Library, Prospect Park, and Park Slope.