Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek Regional Park

Stroll Through History in Kissimmee

Photo Courtesy of Osceola County Historical Society

Want an affordable way to get out of the house, teach your kids about history and have a bunch of fun at the same time? If so, visit Pioneer Village.


The New Pioneer Village in Kissimmee is open to the public and sits on 10 acres of preserved land. The Village is comprised of eight of the county's oldest buildings, collected and relocated to the beautiful Shingle Creek Regional Park through a combined effort of the Osceola County Historical Society and Osceola County government, developers and businesses.

The historic structures are now located near some of the earliest settlement sites in the county and have been restored and furnished to reflect the lifestyles of pioneer families in the late 1800s. Visitors to Pioneer Village can explore the structures and examine artifacts from some of the earliest industries in Florida history, such as a Florida cracker cowboy replica cow camp and an original citrus packing mill.

The Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek Regional Park is open 7 days a week, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, for self-guided tours. Bring the family or your homeschool group for a fun and educational experience.


  • Partin Family Caretaker's House - Built in 1932, this building serves as the entrance to Pioneer Village and was originally located on the ranch of Henry O. Partin. Partin made history by introducing Brahman cattle to Florida's cattle industry.
  • Blacksmith Shop – Built by local Boy Scouts using an original plan from the 1800s, the Blacksmith shop includes a working forge and tools of the time period. This structure is where the local blacksmith would have crafted nails, horseshoes and other important items.
  • Tyson House – The Tyson House represents how average working farmers in Osceola County lived. The Tyson family had 11 children, all living inside this one-room dwelling. The Tyson House is an original structure from Osceola County.
  • Lanier “Cracker House” – Built in 1889 by prominent Osceola County ranchers, the Lanier House is a great example of a type of early-American architecture known as the Cracker House. Cracker Houses are defined by a center breezeway, which works to create a natural air conditioner for the building. The Lanier family home includes a smokehouse, wash house and garden.
  • The Cadman Complex – This multi-structure complex includes a Bungalow, Bachelors Quarters, Kitchen and Citrus Packing House. The complex belonged to Colonel and Mrs. Cadman, wealthy investors from New York. The complex was a perfect fit for the Cadmans and their four children, and the Citrus Packing House was used for the Cadman’s citrus operations.
  • Seminole Village – Known as the Chickee, the round log wood framed structure is open and has a thatched gable roof. It once housed Seminole Indians.


This 7.8 acres of stunning nature preserve sits adjacent to Shingle Creek, and shows visitors a snapshot of Osceola County as it was in the time of Florida's early pioneers and original Native American tribes. The vegetation growing in the nature preserve provided early inhabitants with the materials they needed for clothing, dyes, medicine and more.


The Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek Regional Park is now home to the county's annual Pioneer Day. Pioneer Day is an outdoor festival that celebrates Osceola County's heritage. Attendees enjoy family friendly activities, live music, historic reenactments, and interesting lessons in butter-making, cow-milking and other pioneer chores.

Started in 1991, Pioneer Day teaches visitors how early pioneer families and Florida Seminoles lived before the invention of electricity and air-conditioning. Pioneer Day takes place in November each year. Please check dates and times online before visiting.


Pioneer Village is located at 2491 Babb Road, Kissimmee, FL 34746.

The park is closed on major holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas  Day, New Years Day).

Check out what Shingle Creek offers while visiting the Pioneer Village.

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