Pink Jeep Tours to Grand Canyon, Scenic Sedona and Death Valley

Enjoy rugged jeep adventures, or luxury seats in the all-terrain Tour Trekker

Pink Jeep tours
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Pink Jeep Tours – whose jeeps are easily recognizable, because they are all hot pink - delivers exciting, and at times rugged, adventures to its guests. The tours, which range from the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam to dramatic red-rock country and Death Valley, leave out of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Sedona, Arizona.

We hung on as we were at times jolted, while riding in our pink jeep on a rugged road twisting through the red- rock spires and dramatic landscape in Sedona, Arizona.

We were headed to a 700 year old Sinaguan cliff dwelling. As we bumped along in our open-sided jeep, our knowledgeable guide gave us an interesting overview of the geology of the red-rock country we were traveling through on our way to the ruins. We stood entranced at the Sinaguan cliff dwelling, while he explained how the wealth of rock art was left by Native Americans and in places overlaid with pictures and graffiti by visitors in the 1800s and early 1900s.

We chose a tour in the open-sided jeep, but Pink Jeep Tours also has Tour Trekkers for visitors who want to travel in comfort. These custom-built, all-terrain luxury vehicles have 10 all-leather captain chairs, large vista windows and air conditioning.

Jeep Tours & Off Road Adventures Around Las Vegas

More than a dozen Pink Jeep Tours leave from Las Vegas. The all-day jeep tours include a trip to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim and the glass Skywalk that extends over the rim, nearly 4,000 feet above the canyon floor.
Other all-day jeep tours include Zion National Park in Utah and Death Valley in California. Shorter and half-day jeep trips include exploring the red-rock terrain in Eldorado Canyon, a visit to Hoover Dam, and a trip to the petrified sand dunes in the Valley of Fire.

Jeep Tours & Off Road Adventures Around Sedona

A variety of three - to four-hour tours will take you high on a canyon rim, for spectacular views of the rich red rocks that hikers love to explore, or to one of the biggest collections of Native American petroglyphs at an ancient ruins.
You can also combine two tours. For example, on the Ancient Ruins tour you visit a 700 year old Sinaguan cliff dwelling with a surprising collection of rock art. You can combine it with the Diamondback Tour, when you’ll snake through the Sidewinder trail to plunge into the depth of the gulch.

What Is Pink Jeep Tours?

About 40,000 people climb into the pink jeeps yearly to go on the 10 tours offered by this company. The tours leave from Las Vegas, Nevada and Sedona, Arizona. The owner since 1988, Shawn Wendell puts an emphasis on making sure the guides have a depth of knowledge about the region or sites where they are conducting tours. In late 2008, he introduced the Tour Trekker, a luxury all-terrain vehicle that’s custom built for Pink Jeep Tours.

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