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    Intro to Pink Jeep Tours

    Pink Jeep Tour
    © Judy Hedding

    There are several jeep tour companies in the Sedona area. I have never tried any other one other than Pink Jeep Tours, which was the only jeep tour company in town when I came to Arizona in the 1970s and I enjoy it every time. Actually, Pink Jeep Tours was started in 1958.

    As many years as I have been going to Sedona and taking friends and family, I have also never wavered from selecting the jeep tour that started the popularity of jeep touring in Sedona -- the Broken Arrow Tour. It is an exciting two-hour adventure on and over Sedona's red rocks, with gorgeous panoramic views. It's quite a thrilling ride.

    Do you prefer a less rugged trip? More history? Lower elevations? Sunset tours? Pink Jeep Tours can find a tour for you.

    Jeep Tour Tip #1: The Broken Arrow tour doesn't take you around the populated portion of Sedona; it's not a city tour. Pink Jeep Tours has exclusive rights to this tour route, so aside from hikers and a few very brave bikers, you won't see other tour companies here.

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    The Pink Jeeps

    Pink Jeep Tour
    © Judy Hedding

    It takes about 5 weeks to convert a regular, run-of-the-mill Jeep into a Pink Tour Jeep. There are about 75 Jeeps in the fleet at Pink Jeep tours, with special tires, special maintenance schedules, special seats, and special pink paint. On this trip, we couldn't help but notice what great condition the Pink Jeeps are in. Tour guides are assigned their own vehicles, so they are very familiar with their operation.

    The jeeps have padded seats and are comfortable. They seat 6 or 7 people. If you don't have a full jeep's worth of friends, other folks may be on the tour with you.

    Jeep Tour Tip #2: The Broken Arrow Tour is not for the weak. If you have physical problems -- back, neck, heart -- or you are afraid of heights, or you are a very nervous passenger in any vehicles, this might not be the tour for you. Seat belts are required, and there are lots of handles and bars to grab as the jeep driver maneuvers. Sometimes it's tough to take a photo! You'll be jarred and bumped for sure. What fun!

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    The Best Time For a Jeep Tour

    Pink Jeep Tour
    © Judy Hedding

    Tours depart every hour on the hour starting at 7 a.m. The last tour of the day returns just after sunset. There's no one better time of day than another, except that in the summer you obviously must consider that afternoons will be hot. In the winter, obviously the mornings will be cold.

    Advance reservations are not required, but there is rarely a day when Pink Jeep Tours isn't busy; I strongly urge you to make reservations if you know in advance that you want to take a Sedona Pink Jeep Tour, so you can get the tour and hour that you prefer.

    Tours operate rain or shine.

    Jeep Tour Tip #3: Bring a hat in the summer. The ones that have a string that hold them around your neck if they fly off are best. Wear layers in the winter. Bring a bottle of water. Bring your camera, and use the wrist strap or neck strap so it doesn't fly out of the Jeep.

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    Pink Jeep Tours - A Little History

    Pink Jeep Tour
    © Judy Hedding

    According to their website, Pink Jeep Tours is the oldest continuously operating Jeep Tour Company in the United States. It was started in 1958 by a Sedona Realtor named Don Pratt, who would drive clients to see homes at Broken Arrow Estates. The Broken Arrow tour is the original Jeep tour and is still today the most popular tour in Sedona.

    Why did he make the jeeps pink? Mr. Pratt got the idea while visiting the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki Beach, where everything was pink.

    Jeep Tour Tip #4: The seats in the back of the Pink Jeep are the bumpiest, and the seat next to the tour guide in the front is the comfiest!

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    Bring the Kids?

    Pink Jeep Tour
    © Judy Hedding

    I wouldn't bring the young ones on the Broken Arrow Pink Jeep tour, only because you'll be so busy holding on during certain parts of the trip that you won't be able to take care of little kids. For any of the tours, a minimum age of 18 months is enforced.

    No matter which tour you choose, your tour guide is not only committed to your safety, but also knows a great deal about Sedona. You'll get information about the plants, animals, and history of the area.

    Jeep Tour Tip #5: Don't forget to bring enough money to tip the tour guides. At least 15% is a typical tip for a good experience. If you are short on cash, the office can add the tip to your credit card.

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    Tread Lightly

    Pink Jeep Tour
    © Judy Hedding

    Pink Jeep Tours believes in respecting and maintaining the environment for all people to enjoy for many generations to come. They are permitted to conduct tours by the National Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Department of the Interior. They support the "Tread Lightly" concept and are proud members of the Tread Lightly organization.

    Jeep Tour Tip #6: Don't drink too much, but drink enough water to keep hydrated if it is hot. There are no bathroom stops for the 2 hour duration of the Broken Arrow tour. I'd make a stop at the restrooms before the tour leaves.

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    Schedules, Prices, Tickets, Discounts

    Pink Jeep Tour
    © Judy Hedding

    You can book a tour either online or by phone at 800-873-3662. Pink Jeep Tours makes trips every day of the year, except on Christmas Day.

    Tour rates range from about $50 to $135 per person. Because they give refunds on cancellations, you might be able to book a tour the day before even during the busy season if someone cancels.

    Pink Jeep Tours also make great corporate outings, and they can even arrange family reunions and weddings with the red rocks of Sedona as your backdrop!

    Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona is between a 2 and 3 hour drive from most locations in the Phoenix area. Take I-17 (Black Canyon Freeway) north to Exit 298/ AZ179 toward Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon. Take Highway 89 into Sedona. If you haven't been to Sedona in a few years and you are driving, be prepared for the roundabouts that were put in to alleviate traffic congestion.

    Don't want to drive? In 2012 Pink Jeep Tours began offering all-day tours to both Sedona and the Grand Canyon which include pickup from Phoenix/Scottsdale. Get those details here.

    All dates, times, prices, and offerings are subject to change without notice.