Pink Jeep Adventure Tours in Sedona, Arizona

Pink Jeep Adventure Tours, Sedona, Arizona

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In the 70s, Pink Jeep Adventure Tours in Sedona, Arizona was the only gig in town. Started in 1958, this tour service provides exciting multi-hour jeep adventures traversing on and around Sedona's red rock landscape. Pick your preferred destination, like Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River, Antelope Canyon, or the Grand Canyon. Or crawl through rambling terrain with gorgeous panoramic views on the Broken Arrow Trail (an exclusive offering of Pink Jeep Tours). This particular tour also takes you on a thrilling descent to the Road of No Return. However, if you prefer a less rugged trip with more history or a mellow sunset ride, Pink Jeep Adventure Tours can arrange for that, too.

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The Pink Jeep Story

Pink Jeep Tour

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Pink Jeep Adventure Tours is the oldest continuously-operating Jeep tour company in the United States. It was started by a Sedona realtor named Don Pratt who used to drive clients around to see homes at Broken Arrow Estates. After visiting Waikiki Beach's Royal Hawaiian Hotel, he returned to Sedona with the notion to start a jeep company using the hotel's iconic color as its trademark. Today, Pink Jeep Adventure Tours is most known for its Broken Arrow tour over the rugged desert red rocks. The tour is exclusive to the company, as it maintains and preserves the area's most photogenic route.  

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Preparing The Pink Jeeps

Pink Jeep Tour

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There are approximately 75 Jeeps in the Pick Jeep fleet, all outfitted with special tires, custom seats, and a head-turning pink paint job. It takes about five weeks to convert a regular, run-of-the-mill Jeep Wrangler into a Pink Tour Jeep and the fine-tuned maintenance schedule assures the vehicles are always in tip-top shape. Additionally, each tour guide is assigned their very own vehicle so that they are familiar with its operation. 

The jeeps have comfortable padded seats, holding 6 or 7 people per vehicle. That means, if you don't have a full jeep's worth of friends, other folks may be joining the tour with you.

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Jeep Tour Timing

Pink Jeep Tour

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Pink Jeep Tours depart every hour on the hour starting at 7 a.m.; the last tour of the day returns just after sunset. And while embarking on a jeep tour at any time of the day is delightful, there are some seasonal considerations. In the summer, hot desert temperatures make afternoon tours sweltering if there's no cloud cover. If you go out during this time, lather on the sunscreen and don't forget your water. Or instead, opt for an early morning or sunset tour for more tolerable conditions. 

In the winter, desert mornings can be chilly. And in an open-aired jeep, there's not turning on the heat. Dress warm and in layers so that once the temperature rises, you can strip off for comfort. 

Advance reservations are not required, but Pink Jeep Adventure Tours is busy all year long, every day of the week. Booking in advance assures you a preferred timeslot so you can arrange it around the desert's elements.  

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Jeep Touring with Kids

Pink Jeep Tour

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Sure—you can bring your kids along on a Pink Jeep Tour. But first, research your route to make sure it's suitable for children. Most Pink Jeep Adventure Tours can accommodate children older than 18 months, but that doesn't mean every tour is suitable. Tours through rugged terrain may make toddlers fussy and holding onto a little kid while being jostled back and forth could detract from your fun, too. 

If you're traveling with little ones, it's also important to time your tour wisely. If an afternoon tour lands right in the middle of nap time, opt for a morning tour instead. And if your kids tend to get cranky during the late day, a sunset tour might not be the best pick. Remember, you may be sharing your vehicle with other tourists and a disruptive child may detract from their experience, too. 

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Pink Jeep Treads Lightly

Pink Jeep Tour

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Pink Jeep Tours believes in respecting and maintaining the environment for all people to enjoy for many generations to come. They are permitted to conduct commercial tours by the National Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Department of the Interior. They support the "tread lightly" concept by raising money for the National Forest Foundation, organizing volunteer efforts to clean up and maintain the area's National Parks, and establishing a trail conservation team responsible for trail maintenance and rebuilding.  Additionally, each Jeep is outfitted with state-of-the-art emissions systems that are updated regularly in an effort to reduce the tour operation's carbon footprint. 

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Schedules, Tickets, and Directions

Pink Jeep Tour

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Pink Jeep Tours conducts trips every day of the year, except on Christmas Day. Tour rates range from about 50 to 135 dollars per person, depending on the tour and the customer's age. Because they grant refunds on cancellations, it's possible to book a last-minute tour even during the busy season, in the event someone cancels.

Pink Jeep Adventure Tours also make a great activity for a corporate outing. Or, call them to arrange a family reunion or a wedding with the red rocks of Sedona as your backdrop. Book your outing online or give them a ring. 

Sedona is approximately a two- to three-hour drive from most locations in the Phoenix area. Take I-17 (Black Canyon Freeway) north to Exit 298 (AZ179) toward Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon. Then, take Highway 89 into Sedona. 

Don't care to drive? Pink Jeep Adventure Tours now offers day-long tours to both Sedona and the Grand Canyon which include pickup from the Scottsdale area. 

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Jepp Tour Tips

  • Pink Jeep Tours has exclusive rights to the Broken Arrow Tour meaning, aside from hikers and a few very brave bikers, you won't see any other people (or tour companies) on the trail.
  • The Broken Arrow Tour is for adventure seekers only.  If you have physical problems—like a week back, or neck—if you're afraid of heights, or if you're you are a very nervous passenger, select a gentler tour. Seat belts are required and the jeep is equipped with handles and bars to grab onto as the jeep maneuvers its way down rocky slopes. Sometimes it's so rugged, you can't even snap a photo! 
  • The seats in the back of the Pink Jeep are the bumpiest, and the seat next to the tour guide in the front is the comfiest.
  • Don't forget a shade hat (especially in the summer). And make sure it's one that has a string that secures around your neck. Wear layers in the winter. Bring a bottle of water. And make sure your camera has a wrist or neck strap so it doesn't fly out of the Jeep.
  • Bring cash to tip the tour guides. Fifteen percent is a typical tip for a good experience. But if you had a fabulous time, don't be afraid to tip 20 percent. If you are short on cash, the office can add the tip to your credit card.
  • There are no bathroom stops on the two-hour Broken Arrow Tour. So, limit your water intake (only enough to avoid dehydration) and make a trip to the restroom before the tour leaves.