Ping Pong Club Montreal for Drinks and Table Tennis

Ping Pong Club is a Montreal sports bar, pub and hipster haven.
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When popular LGBT destination Royal Phoenix closed its doors, Ping Pong Club emerged in its place at 5788 St. Laurent on the corner of Bernard and provided a new concept for the city of Montreal as the only bar with a ping pong table. While it's no longer a gay bar, the venue attracts a diverse clientele.

The Vibe

It's not exactly a sports bar "vibe" there. People go for the friendly atmosphere, inexpensive cocktails, pub food and, the main draw—the ping pong table. The crowd, sort of young and hipster-types, gathers fairly late in the night for fries and spicy mayo and cocktails with names like the Kate Winslet or the Gordon Ramsey. In warm weather, people enjoy a drink on the small but popular outdoor terrace.

Getting a Ping Pong Game In

Time your visit right to Montreal's one and only ping pong bar to make sure you have a chance to play a game because you won't be the only one in there wanting a piece of that sole, singular table. Yes, they should add more, but It would be a Montreal miracle if they could fit more than one of those tables in that fairly modest-sized space.

Ping Pong Club is popular in the wee hours of the morning—they're open until 3 a.m. so the best time to grab your paddles is earlier in the day.

If you're not a fan of ping pong, try your hand at foosball, shuffleboard, or interactive skill games such as Jenga, where you stack blocks of wood as high as you can.

Food and Drink

The food is most often described as pub food and includes such specialties as fries and burgers. You can follow Ping Pong Club's Facebook Page for menu scoops. The full bar, and amiable bartenders serve up specialty cocktails and a selection of beers and wines.


While you wait for the ping pong table to open up, you can watch a game on TV or listen to the DJ spin some tunes. But mostly Ping Pong Club is a friendly space where people chat and play games.

More Montreal Bars

Each neighborhood in Montreal has their favorite gathering places. Downtown has places like N sur Mackay, an upscale cocktail bar popular with locals. And, the Hotel Le Saint Stephen has Bar George, a modern British bar with distinctively English flavors where Pimm's, gin, and whisky top the cocktail ingredients list.

If you like poutine, NYK'S, in the entertainment district, which touts having one of Montreal's best poutines. In the Latin Quarter, a favorite is Bar le Lab, the best stocked bar you'll come across with a dozen plus brands of absinthe and over 20 different gins, and that's just a start. Beer fans love Le Saint-Bock's for creative and unusual craft beer.

And for something unique, check out Le Red Tiger in Montreal's Gay Village, Montreal's only Vietnamese pub.

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