Ping Pong Club Montreal

Montreal's One and Only Ping Pong Bar

Ping Pong Club is a Montreal sports bar, pub and hipster haven.
Photo courtesy of Ping Pong Club

In the wake of popular LGBT destination Royal Phoenix closing its doors emerged Ping Pong Club in its place, a new concept for the city of Montreal in the form of a bar/pub/sports bar trifecta.

Not that I would count on a sports bar "vibe" here, if you get my Mile-end-hipsters-have-claimed-the-space drift, a neighborhood reality which might either delight or irritate the living bleep out of everyone in your entourage. (Can't we just all get along?) And you should be able to catch the game, especially hockey. And eat alphabet soup. And enjoy a brew or three.


Ping Pong?

Apparently so. That solo ping pong table in the above photo? That's why I'm writing this profile. I got giddy at the sight. Long story short, the only redeeming quality in a psychotic live-in relationship I had with a certain someone years ago was our glorious table tennis battles on the table's forest green surface in said someone's basement. Lots of pings in those days. Good times in a terrible, horrible, I'm-calling-women-shelters-for-help kinda way (long story, wait for the memoir).

On topic, you might want to check with management in terms of how to time your next visit to Montreal's one and only ping pong bar to make sure you have a chance to play a game because you won't be the only one in there wanting a piece of that sole, singular pong property. It would be a Montreal miracle if they could fit more than one of those tables in that fairly modest-sized space.



Expect youngish, hipster-heavy crowds.



Accessible price points. Not cheap though. But borderline reasonable? Here's Check Ping Pong Club's Facebook Page for menu scoops.



To my knowledge, yes. And you don't have to buy food either to enjoy a few. Ping Pong Club has the appropriate liquor license for a variety of consumption options.


Montreal Ping Pong Club Business Hours

Consult Ping Pong Club Facebook's page for up-to-date information on business hours, which are currently listed as 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. Monday through Sunday but are subject to change.


Montreal Ping Pong Club Contact Info

5788 St. Laurent, corner of Bernard
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1S9
Tel: (514) 272-7464


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