Pike Place Market in Seattle

An Overview of What to See and Do

Pike Place Fish Company in Pike Place Market
© Angela M. Brown (2008)

Historic Pike Place Market, overlooking the downtown waterfront, is one of Seattle's great treasures. Fresh foods of every kind - from colorful produce to just-picked herbs to plump salmon - are enticingly displayed in booth after booth. Unique and clever handicrafts, often featuring local themes or materials, provide souvenirs that will long continue to bring back fond memories. Ethnic dining, antiques, flowers, and curiosities are found in every corner and cranny of this 9-acre market district. Lively and popular, Pike Place Market is also a great place for people watching.

Covering over 9-acres, the Market contains so many shops, stalls, eateries, galleries, and service providers that it is impossible to see everything in a single visit. This is part of Pike Place Market's charm; each time you stop by you can visit old favorites and make new finds.

Top 10 Fun Things to Do at Pike Place Market

My favorite Pike Place Market sights, shops, and stalls include:

  • Market Craftstables
    Pottery, jewelry, matted photos... you never know what you'll find. You'll find these tables and booths offering unique and handcrafted items at the north end of the Main Arcade.
  • Flower Bouquets
    Taking home a great big inexpensive bouquet of locally grown flowers is almost mandatory. Even if you don't pick out a bouquet of your own, you can't help stopping to admire the variety and color of seasonal beauties.
  • DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine
    DeLaurenti is known for their quality selection of cheese and wine. I particularly enjoy checking out their deep selection of specialty foods. Who knew there were so many different kinds of capers?
  • Market Spice
    Take a whiff of bulk teas and spices from around the world. The house blend Market Spice Tea, redolent with cinnamon and citrus, is a wonderful treat.
  • Daily Dozen Doughnuts
    Pick up a bag of fresh-made doughnuts and eat right away. They're delicious. And addictive.
  • Sur la Table
    Lots of fancy-shmancy cooking supplies that I can't afford, but are still fun to check out.
  • The Great Wind-up
    I can lose an hour in this little toy shop, playing with all their silly toys and novelty items.


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