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Bite Into a Piece of Pie

A good pie is a bit like a bite of heaven, especially if the crust is flaky and crisp. What about pies in Albuquerque? Now that pies are in vogue, Albuquerque pie businesses are popping up, and that's good. It means you can get a piece of pie that's hand crafted and unique. Here's a list of places where a pie can be had, from the standard large chain restaurant to the locally crafted and divine. No matter where you stick your fork in it, Albuquerque has some of the best pies around.

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Black Bird Pies

Black Bird Pies
© Aileen O'Catherine

2531 Jefferson NE

Luckily for Albuquerque, Raven Rutherford, the owner of Black Bird Pies, felt the need to make pies for a living. The city is better for it, as evidenced by the long time customers who make the trek to the local Farmers Markets to get a slice. But if the farmer's markets aren't in season, don't despair. Pick up one of these little beauties at the Jefferson location. Black Bird Pies offers gluten free and sugar-free products for those with dietary restrictions. Try their sweet potato pie, or the vinegar pie, both local favorites. Black Bird has other pies and desserts as well as quiches that will make you smile. Don't miss trying one of the pies though, because they are probably the best pies in town.

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Christy Mae's

Christy Maes
Christy Maes

1400 San Pedro NE

Christy Mae's is a favorite family place to eat, and their pot pies are a must eat on the Albuquerque savory scene. But their dessert pies stand on their own. Their apple pie is a mainstay and you can get it topped with ice cream or cheese. They also have a raspberry pie, but it's the peanut butter pie that gets people coming back for more.

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Flying Star Cafes

Pie at Flying Star
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While folks go to the Flying Star to get a bite to eat, it's just a prelude to dessert. The Flying Star has a reputation for great baked goods, and part of their retinue, thankfully, includes pies. Depending on the season, you'll find coconut cream, apple, berry, cherry and strawberry rhubarb. The crystallized sugar on top of the crust is just eye candy and invites you to stick that fork in and take a bite.

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French Riviera Bakery

Cherry Pie
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4208 4th Street NW

Although the bakery specializes in French pastries, they also make pies. Call ahead to see what flavors are up that day, and be sure to get there early, as they run out of quickly. And if you're there anyway, pick up a loaf of bread. This is the real deal - a French bakery in the heart of Albuquerque, with real French bread.

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Furrs Pies

Furr's is known for its buffet style dining, and for desserts, the fare changes daily. They offer a wide variety of pies, from pecan to custard to chocolate cream. They're known for their Millionaire Pie, (which probably has about a million calories) and is a cream based pie with pineapple, nuts, and whipped cream.

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New Mexico Pie Company

New Mexico Pie Company
NM Pie Company

4003 Carlisle Blvd. NE

The New Mexico Pie Company bakes up pies that taste like New Mexico. You'll find chocolate pecan red chile and caramel apple green chile along with favorites such as cherry berry and pumpkin pies. Seasonal vegetable quiches and a green chile bacon quiche make the list of savory pies, along with smaller turkey green chile hand pies. New Mexico Pie Company also makes biscochitos and chocolate cream mini pies. Try the pie cookie, which was voted best pie that's also a cookie by Albuquerque the Magazine.

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Range Cafes

Stove on the Range
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The Range has three locations, two in Albuquerque and one in Bernalillo. One of Albuquerque's favorite restaurants, locals know their baked goods are top notch. From their muffin of the day to their pies, everything is made in house. They have a limited selection of pies that are well worth the trip. Try their coconut cream, key lime or the pie of the day, which has rotating flavors (call to see what's on). Be forewarned: the coconut cream is to die for.

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Village Inns

Village Inn Pie
Village Inn

The Village Inns have always been known for their pies, and though they aren't small batch, they are good if you're looking for a pie and need a quick fix. Pies vary by location and season, but you can expect to find favorites such as cherry, strawberry rhubarb, apple, pumpkin, pecan and coconut cream. The Village Inn also carries that staple sought by pie lovers everywhere: lemon meringue.

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