Pictures of the Feathered Nest

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    Welcome to the Feathered Nest

    sign of the feathered nest
    © Ferne Arfin

    A Destination Gastropub in the Heart of the Cotswolds

    The Feathered Nest Country Inn is a multi-award winning gastropub hotel on the Oxford/Gloucestershsire border in the Cotswolds village of Nether Westcote. About 76 miles from London, it's an ideal destination for a leisurely, scenic drive in the country. The place is cozy, the views are lovely and the food is sensational.

    Have a look and then read a review of The Feathered Nest

    Sign of The Feathered Nest on the edge of the Cotswold Village of Nether Westcote, between Burford in Oxfordshire and Stow on the Wold in Gloucestershire.

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    First Impressions can Deceive

    The Feathered Nest
    © Ferne Arfin

    Street view of The Feathered Nest is a 300-year-old malthouse. It gives little hint of the relaxed, yet elegant pub and restaurant within. 

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    Rear View

    Rear view The Feathered Nest
    © Ferne Arfin

    From the rear, the extent of the additions and renovations become clear. The Cotswolds country pub has been sympathetically extended and rebuilt to take advantage of the views over the Evenlode Valley .

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    The Bar

    Snug at the Feathered Nest
    © Ferne Arfin

    Just beyond the traditional pub, a  cozy bar and "snug" is a relaxed place for a drink and to warm up by the fire. Note the chandelier made of deer antlers.

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    Warm Hearth

    fireplace at The Feathered Nest
    © Ferne Arfin

    A warm and comfortable "snug" with a massive stone hearth marks the transition between the country pub and the more formal gastropub.    

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    Local Beers

    Beer and handmade pitcher at The Feathered Nest
    © Ferne Arfin

    Ale from a local (and secret) microbrewery as well as Dutch lager are on tap. 

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    View of the Evenlode Valley

    view from the Feathered Nest
    © Ferne Arfin

    The Nest, the restaurant at the Feathered Nest gastropub, overlooks the Evenlode Valley. The view, framed by a sycamore, seems to go on forever. In summer, in good weather, food and drink is served on the terrace. 

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    First course of Salmon

    Salmon Starter
    © Ferne Arfin

    Beautifully presented starter of salmon, smoked eel, bison vodka, cucumer, shallot and caper - a choice on the set menu at The Feathered Nest in January 2016. 

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    Mushroom risotto with truffles

    truffled risotto

    An off-menu treat was a starter of yellowfoot mushroom risotto, generously draped with shavings of black truffles.

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    Wild Boar Stew

    Wild Boar Stew at the Feathered Nest
    © Ferne Arfin

     Wild boar "stew" served on polenta with bacon, purple sprouting broccoli and pear - a choice on the set menu.

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    Roast Wild Boar

    wild boar roast with pears and sour cabbage
    © Ferne Arfin

    Wild Boar, got a slightly different treatment on the a la carte menu, served with whipped potato, pear, red onion, sour winter slaw and a savory perry sauce. Perry is a hard cider made of pears.

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    Parfait dessert at the feathered nest with cranberries
    © Ferne Arfin

    Described as "Gingerbread", this dessert from at the Feathered Nest consisted of 

    a gingerbread scented parfait, cider jelly, cranberries, chocolate ganache and a small piece of ...what else?...gingerbread.



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    Creme Caramel

    creme caramel dessert at the feathered nest
    © Ferne Arfin

    Creme caramel, firm yet unctuous, gets the glamour treatment at the Feathered Nest with salt baked pineapple, coconut, coconut flavored granite and did I detect something else, sweet and crunchy in there.  

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    ...And in a "feathered" nest.

    a nest of chocolate eggs at the feathered nest
    © Ferne Arfin

    Two handmade chocolates - one a meltingly soft chocolate truffle, the other a liquid cherry - were presented, in their own little "nest" with our coffee at The Feathered Nest Inn in Nether Westcote, the Cotswolds.