Spring Flowers - Pictures of Spring Flowers

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    Spring Flowers - Dutch Tulip Fields

    Dutch tulip fields
    ••• Dutch tulip fields. Michel Porro/Getty Images

    Travelers can take a cruise vacation in all four seasons, but some destinations are most popular in just one. For example, tulip time cruises in the rivers and waterways of the Netherlands and Belgium are a terrific way to welcome in the spring. Several river cruise lines offer "tulip cruises" that run between March and May, including Abercrombie & Kent, AMAWaterways, Avalon, CrosiEurope, Crystal, Emerald, Grand Circle, Scenic, Tauck, Vantage, and Viking. 

    Although both the Netherlands and Belgium have many fascinating things to do and see, the spectacular spring flowers are the big draw for these cruises. River ships usually embark and disembark in Amsterdam, stopping over in small towns on the Dutch waterways. It's great fun to visit quaint towns like Edam and Volendam and to also see historic towns like Arnhem with its famous bridge made famous by the movie, "A Bridge Too Far".  Visitors will see many fields of tulips and flower beds all along the route. 

    Some...MORE of the spring river cruises go into Belgium, visiting the cities of Antwerp and Ghent. Although not as famous as the Netherlands, Belgium has its own beautiful flower gardens. 

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    Tulips at Keukenhof Gardens

    Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam
    ••• Tulips at Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam. Linda Garrison

    These beautiful flowers were seen on an April Dutch tulip cruise to the Netherlands. These tulip cruises embark in Amsterdam from March to May and cruise the rivers and canals of the Netherlands. Guests on the river ships can enjoy the spring flowers all over the country, especially at Keukenhof Gardens.

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    Spring Flowers in the Netherlands

    Spring flowers
    ••• Spring flowers. Linda Garrison

    Although tulips are the big draw in the Netherlands and Belgium in the spring, other flowers cover parts of the gardens that cover a lot of the countryside, and flower beds are found in every city and town.  

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    Spring Daffodils

    Spring flowers in a field
    ••• Spring flowers in a field. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

    Daffodils are one of the first flowers to come out in the spring, and their brilliant yellow color welcome the new season perfectly. 

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    Mixed Flower Garden

    Flower garden at Keukenhof Gardens
    ••• Flower garden at Keukenhof Gardens. Linda Garrison

    Most people think of the traditional one-colored tulips of red, pink, white, or yellow. However, tulips are sometimes multi-colored or even black.

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    Keukenhof Pond and Spring Flowers

    Spring flowers at Keukenhof Gardens
    ••• Spring flowers at Keukenhof Gardens. Linda Garrison

    Keukenhof Gardens are the most popular bulb gardens in the Netherlands. Although the gardens have many greenhouses filled with tulips and other bulb flowers, Keukenhof also has lovely walkways on the property. These walkways are perfect for exploring the grounds and seeing more flowers.

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    Flowering Trees in the Spring

    Flowering tree in the spring
    ••• Flowering tree in the spring. Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

    Bulbs are not the only plant that flowers in the springtime. Fruit and some ornamental trees have spectacular flowers.  

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    Spring Azaleas in Georgia

    Spring azaleas
    ••• Spring azaleas. landbysea/Getty Images

    Although most people think of spring tulip cruises in the Netherlands and Belgium, other parts of the world also feature amazing spring flowers. One of these is the southeastern United States, with azaleas as the most famous flower. 

    Cruise lovers can visit Charleston or Savannah to see the spring azaleas with small ship cruise line American Cruise Lines.  The company's eight day and seven night "Historic South and Golden Isles" cruise sails between Charleston and Amelia Island, Florida during April and stops over at ports of call in South Carolina and Georgia.