Pictures of NYC's Plaza Hotel

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    Plaza Hotel Entrance

    Welcome to The Plaza Hotel Limos, town cars, Cadillacs, and other sleek vehicles await passengers outside of The Plaza Hotel. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    Picture Yourselves in the Opulent Plaza Hotel

    One of only two hotels in New York City designated a National Historic Landmark, the Plaza Hotel has been synonymous with the best of everything since it opened in 1907. Occupying one of the most desirable locations in the city, across from Central Park, the Beaux-Arts style Plaza Hotel is a picture of life at the top: Opulent, elegant, classic, with service to match the surroundings.

    After going through several ownership changes, however, the century-old Plaza Hotel was in need of a makeover. Under the Fairmont Hotels flag, The Plaza Hotel was closed for three years in order for a massive $400-million-dollar renovation to restore its original Gilded Age splendor, add a few new treasures, and modernize all the facilities.

    Today this elegant dowager has reclaimed her rightful spot as one of the city's top hotels. Until you can visit The Plaza in person, experience her renaissance through this series of pictures.

    Five flags hang outside the...MORE front entrance of The Plaza Hotel: United States, Canada, the Union Jack, Fairmont, and the Plaza's own.

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    Plaza Hotel Doorman

    Does he take tips? You bet!. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    In all kinds of weather, a Plaza Hotel doorman stands outside the front entrance of the hotel to welcome arriving guests and secure cabs for departing ones.

    The Bergdorf Goodman department store, one of New York City's finest, is located to the right of the hotel. Wreaths decorate the windows during the holiday season.

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    Plaza Hotel Detail

    Rams' heads, lions' paws, and the double "P" symbolize the regal aura of The Plaza Hotel. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    Every detail at The Plaza Hotel, including the base of this lamp post, has been burnished to a rich shine.

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    Holiday Wreath at The Plaza Hotel

    The Oak Bar is the traditional watering hole inside The Plaza Hotel. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    For the holidays, The Plaza Hotel decorates its windows with oversize wreaths.

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    The Plaza Hotel Lobby

    As soon as you enter The Plaza Hotel, its opulence is apparent. Everything, from the high ceilings to the floral arrangements to the elaborate chandeliers, appears larger than life. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    Marble floors, an oversize table bursting with flowers provided by David Tutera, and a Baccarat crystal chandelier greet guests inside the hotel lobby.

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    Champagne Bar at The Plaza Hotel

    Toast the good life at The Plaza Hotel in NYC. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the Champagne Bar overlook Central Park. © Diane Bondareff.

    Right off of the lobby, the Champagne Bar is a new addition to the hotel and offers patrons a large selection of bubbly spirits.

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    Baccarat Crystal Chandelier at The Plaza Hotel

    This picture shows one of three identical Baccarat chandeliers in the Champagne Bar on the main floor of the hotel. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    This exquisite chandelier is one of many that illuminate public rooms in The Plaza Hotel.

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    Palm Court Ceiling at The Plaza Hotel

    Lights behind the stained glass ceiling subtly change to suggest the time of day. © Diane Bondareff.

    During the renovation, this domed, stained-glass ceiling was revealed above the Palm Court.

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    Afternoon Tea at The Plaza Hotel

    For friends and lovers, mothers and daughters, afternoon tea at The Plaza was a beloved New York City tradition. Currently, it is not offered. © Diane Bondareff.

    Tea and scones, sweets and sandwiches were part of the afternoon tea service at The Plaza Hotel.

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    Eloise at The Plaza Hotel

    Eloise was immortalized in books by by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The portrait of Eloise, the fictitious little girl who lived at The Plaza Hotel, hangs outside the Palm Court.

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    Plaza Hotel Guest Room

    Each floor has a dedicated butler assigned to it. © Jim Franco.

    There are 282 guest rooms and suites inside The Plaza Hotel.

    Decor was inspired by Louis XV style. Bathrooms feature 24-karat gold plated sinks and fixtures.

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    The Plaza Hotel Terrace Hall

    Gilt archways and crystal chandeliers help to create this opulent space. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    One of the two major venues for weddings at The Plaza Hotel, the Terrace Room has a corridor with an arched ceiling and a terrace overlooking the main floor.

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    Terrace Room at The Plaza Hotel

    Terrace room, as pictured, is set up with chairs arranged on either side of an aisle. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The Terrace Room is the smaller of two ballrooms at The Plaza Hotel. It can accommodate 350 to 500 people, depending on how it is configured for an event.

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    Terrace Room Ceiling

    Detail of classical painting, part of the Terrace Room decor. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    Part of the renovation of The Plaza Hotel involved conservation and restoration of its priceless treasures, such as the Terrace Room's painted ceiling.

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    Grand Ballroom at The Plaza Hotel

    Baccarat crystal chandeliers also illuminate this room. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    Reserved for the largest and most elaborate weddings, the Grand Ballroom at The Plaza Hotel can easily seat 500 guests for dinner and accommodates up to 700.

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    Inside the Grand Ballroom of The Plaza Hotel

    In addition to weddings, philanthropic galas, and corporate functions, the ballroom has also been reserved for events such as fashion shows, film premieres, and political fundraisers. © Diane Bondareff.

    The golden-hued Grand Ballroom has been meticulously restored to its 1929 opulence.

    Throughout its 100-year history, The Plaza’s ballroom has been the setting for hundreds of lavish events, weddings, and parties, including Truman Capote’s 1966 “Black and White Ball.”

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    Oak Bar at The Plaza Hotel

    Many an anxious groom has regained his nerve here. © Oak Room.

    Original murals in the Oak Bar depicting scenes of fin-de-siècle New York were cleaned and re-installed.

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    Oak Room at The Plaza Hotel

    Old fans of The Plaza will discover the Edwardian Room and Trader Vic's restaurants are no more. © The Oak Room.

    The Oak Room restaurant adjoins the Oak Bar. The wood-paneled, chandelier-lit eatery serves Continental cuisine.

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    Plaza Hotel Rose Club

    The Rose Club has become a new hideaway for nightbirds.

    A new area of The Plaza Hotel, the posh Rose Club overlooks the Champagne Bar. It has its own bar, softly lit by rose-colored fixtures overhead.

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    The Plaza Hotel Retail Collection

    Fashionable handbags on display at MCM. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    This upscale indoor mall is attached to The Plaza Hotel and also has a private entrance from 58th Street.

    Shops and services inside The Plaza Hotel Retail Collection are not commonly found; many are European brands. Original occupants of The Plaza Hotel Retail Collection:

    • Anna Hu
    • Arthur
    • Assouline
    • Caudolie Vinothérapie Spa
    • David Tutera
    • Demel
    • Domenico Vacca
    • Eton
    • Ghurka
    • Helen Yarmak
    • Iradj Moini
    • Kenneth Jay Lane
    • Krigler
    • Leather Spa
    • Maurice Fine Jewelry
    • Manrico
    • Marlies Dekkers
    • MCM
    • Morganthal Frederics
    • Peter Lik
    • Qiviuk
    • Radu
    • Seize Sur Vingt
    • Stefan Paul
    • Goodfortune Tenthousandthings
    • Vertu
    • Wade-Hampton Home
    • Warren Tricomi Salon
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    Kenneth Jay Lane at The Plaza

    A store without walls in The Plaza Retail Collection, Kenneth Jay Lane sells necklaces and rings, earrings and bracelets. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    Kenneth Jay Lane is known for making and selling distinctive costume jewelry favored by prominent and wealthy women.

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    Caudalie Vinothérapie Spa

    Caudalie Vinothérapie Spa specializes in treatment products that employ the free radicals in grape seeds to stimulate cell renewal. © Caudalie.

    From Europe, Caudalie Vinothérapie Spa started at Château Smith Haut Lafitte in Bordeaux and bases its treatments on the healing properties of grape seeds.

    The space includes treatment cabins that can accommodate a couple, Hammam steam rooms, a private VIP suite, a lounge, and the complimentary Caudalie wine bar.

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    Pulitzer Fountain Outside The Plaza Hotel

    Behind the Pulitzer Fountain stands Bergdorf Goodman, arguably the most elegant department store in NYC. Next to it, on the right, is the Paris movie theater, immortalized in Woody Allen's movie Annie Hall. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The Pulitzer Fountain is directly across from The Plaza Hotel and has appeared in such movies as The Way We Were.

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    General Motors Building

    Plans for the thousands of GM vehicles that motor down Fifth Avenue every day were made in this towering structure. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The sky-scraping General Motors Building on Fifth Avenue stands directly across from The Plaza Hotel.

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    Apple Store Manhattan

    The two-story, glass-enclosed structure across from The Plaza Hotel delivers Mac fans one floor down to explore the company products. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The first of the Apple Stores in Manhattan is located inside the General Motors Building.

    The reflection of the Beaux-Arts Plaza Hotel can be seen in the taxi window as well as the Apple Store's glass skin.

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    Pashminas on Sale Across from The Plaza Hotel

    Should you bargain for one of these? Absolutely!. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    The prices are unbelievable -- and so is the provenance of these "pashmina" shawls sold on the sidewalk outside of The Plaza Hotel.

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    Central Park Horse Carriages

    The ASPCA enacted regulations that keep these horses from being worked in extreme weather. © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to, Inc.

    If you come to The Plaza Hotel for a honeymoon or romantic getaway, consider taking a horse carriage ride through Central Park.

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    The Plaza Hotel at Night

    © Plaza Hotel.

    As night falls over NYC, the Plaza Hotel stands as a beacon for romantics and lovers of the good life.

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