Pictures of the Butte aux Cailles, a Charming Paris Village

The Butte aux Cailles neighborhood is well-known for its art-nouveau architecture.

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Art-nouveau Swimming Pool on Place Paul Verlaine

©2007 Courtney Traub

Here, on Place Paul Verlaine, sits one of the city's most beautiful municipal swimming pools, whose facade and interiors feature many elements of the art nouveau style.

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Natural Spring Paris?

©2007 Courtney Traub

Also on Place Paul Verlaine is a public drinking fountain whose design never fails to catch eyes. The well here sources natural spring water from the area, so think about bringing a bottle to sample. The city of Paris is in fact home to several natural springs, much used since the city was part of the Roman Empire. 

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Alsacian-Style Villa on Rue Daviel

©2007 Courtney Traub

Tucked away on a little street behind the main thoroughfare in the Butte aux Cailles are two quaint villas, Little Alsace and Little Russia. These were once worker's villas built to resemble traditional buildings in Northern France and Russia. Their intimate interior courtyards are open to the public during the day. Until recently, Paris' 13th arrondissement (district) was primarily inhabited by the working classes; it's only in recent decades that the area around the Butte aux Cailles has become increasingly gentrified and occupied by greater and greater numbers of young, urban professionals (known in French as "bo-bos"). 

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Quiet Residential Street in the Butte aux Cailles

©2007 Courtney Traub

Who would peg this tranquil residential street for Paris? It certainly doesn't match the Paris you see depicted in the vast majority of films. The Butte aux Cailles holds several quiet, verdant streets lined with art-nouveau style houses. It's an ideal place to come for a meditative walk if you want to get away from the crowds but don't have enough time to leave the city. 

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Detail of an Art-Nouveau House in the Butte aux Cailles

©2007 Courtney Traub

This shot shows the details of art-nouveau decorative elements on a house in the Butte aux Cailles district. If you enjoy architecture and especially early twentieth-century varieties, a stroll in this neighborhood is a must. 

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Colorful Houses Lining a Sleepy Street in the Butte aux Cailles

©2007 Courtney Traub

Another quiet, surprisingly colorful, street in the Butte aux Cailles neighborhood. While most associate Paris with the grey facades of eighteenth-century Haussmannian architecture, there are plenty of places in the city that don't correspond to that visual style. This neighborhood is one that won't match your expectations of what Paris is "supposed" to look like.

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Verdant (Semi)- Secret Passage

©2007 Courtney Traub

If you explore patiently enough, you may just stumble upon one of the neighborhood's cool, tucked away passages, green havens that make you forget you're in the city.

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Quirky Mural in the Butte aux Cailles

©2007 Courtney Traub

Spontaneous expressions of art abound in the Butte aux Cailles, which is known for its active community of artists, including street artists. Along with gritty Belleville in the northeast, the "Butte" neighborhood is one of the most important spots to see interesting street art in the city.

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