Photos of the German Island of Sylt

The island of Sylt, Germany's northernmost tip, is well-known its pristine beaches, thatched-roof houses and spectacular dune landscape. The west side of Sylt meets the waves of the North Sea, while the east side faces the quiet Wadden Sea. On a sunny day, you can see Denmark from here. Sylt is also famous for its nude beaches; after all, the island opened the first official nude beach in Germany in 1920.

Take a visual tour over the island and enjoy photos of Sylt's beauty.

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The Old Lighthouse in the Dunes of Sylt

Birge Amondson

The old lighthouse, near the village of Keitum, is a landmark of Sylt. It lies hidden in the dunes, close to the shore of the North Sea.

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Close-up: the Old Lighthouse, Sylt

Birge Amondson

A closer look at the old lighthouse.

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The Dike of Sylt

Andrew Amondson

The best way to get around and explore Sylt is by bike; you can even ride on the dike, where you have a great view of the Sylt sheep and the Wadden Sea.

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The Wadden Sea

Birge Amondson

This is the eastern dike of Sylt. It faces the quiet Wadden Sea with its tidal mudflats. When the water is low, you can take a tour and walk on the watershed of the mudflats.

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The New Lighthouse of Sylt

Birge Amondson

The new lighthouse of Sylt is now located close to the village of Kampen.

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The Beach of Sylt

Birge Amondson

Sylt has a 25 mile-long beach which faces the North Sea. Spend your day here in a traditional roofed wicker chair - they are very comfortable and keep you out of the sun. Some even have little trays and cupholders.

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Traditional Wicker Beach Chairs at a Bus Stop

Birge Amondson

You see these traditional and comfortable wicker chairs all over Sylt; in the little village of Keitum, you can even find them at the local bus stop.

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In the Old Village of Keitum, Sylt

Birge Amondson

The people of Sylt take pride in their gardens and flower arrangements, and roses are especially popular. In summer, the streets of Sylt are filled with their scent.

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Thatched-Roof House, Sylt

Andrew Amondson

Most of the houses in Sylt have traditional roofing made out of reed.

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Small Traditional House

A Thatched-Roof House in the Old Village of Kampen, Sylt.
Birge Amondson

Many houses like this small, traditional house have a thatched-roof like this house in the Old Village of Kampen, Sylt.

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Construction of a Thatched-Roof House

Andrew Amondson

The traditional thatched-roof houses are still being built in Sylt; they are not only charming and rustic, but they also ensure that the house will be cool in summer and warm in winter.

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Summer Nights at the Beach of Sylt

Andrew Amondson

Sylt is the northernmost tip of Germany, and in summer, it never gets completely dark. This photo was taken in July, around midnight.

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Fresh Oysters from the North Sea, Sylt

Andrew Amondson

Sylt is famous for its fresh seafood - oysters are especially recommended. There are pletny of seafood restaurants all over the island, but a great tip is Restaurant Sansibar; it is directly at the beach and offers great views of the ocean and the dune landscape.

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