Photos of the Romantic Road in Germay

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    Vineyards in the Franconia Wine Region

    Escherndorf in front of Nordheim, Mainschleife, loop in the Main River, Mainfranken, Lower Franconia, Franconia, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
    Martin Siepmann / Getty Images

    The Romantic Road in Germany is a wonderful scenic drive through Bavaria and leads you from the Franconia wine country to the majestic German Alps and Castle Neuschwanstein.

    Take a look at our photo gallery of the Romantic Road, and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of medieval towns, historical castles, and the Bavarian countryside in all four seasons.


    The Romantic Road starts in the heart of the Franconia wine-growing region, famous for its excellent wines and gourmet restaurants, colorful wine festivals, and beautiful vineyards.

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    The Residence Palace of Würzburg

    Wurzburg Residenz
    Vold77 / Getty Images

    The first highlight along the Romantic Road is Würzburg; the architectural gem of the city is the impressive Residence Palace, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.
    The three-winged palace was completed in 1744; it has over 300 baroque and rococo rooms and boasts the world's largest ceiling fresco.

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    Rothenburg ob der Tauber

    Germany, Bavaria, Rotheburg ob der Tauber, View of Ploenlein
    Westend61 / Getty Images

    Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the best preserved medieval town in Germany; take a walk atop the old city wall that encircles the town, or climb to the top of the historic Town Hall for a spectacular view of the region.

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    Medieval Town Square

    Historic town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Franconia, Bavaria, Germany
    bluejayphoto / Getty Images

    The Romantic Road leads you to historical towns with walls, towers, and half-timbered houses; the heart of these towns is their main square, where you can find traditional restaurants and cafés, shops, and open-air markets.

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    Hotel Hezelhof

    Hotel, Romantic Road
    Copyright: Romantische Straße Touristik-AG GbR

    You'll find the charming hotel "Hezelhof" in the old town of Dinkelsbühl, which boasts 16 fortified towers, several original city gates, and a complete ring wall.

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    Bavarian Countryside

    Bavarian Countryside - Romantic Road Germany
    Copyright: Romantische Straße Touristik-AG GbR

    On the Romantic Road, you'll drive alongside clear lakes and rivers, rolling hills, and evergreen forests until you reach the majestic Alps of Germany.

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    Church in the Meadow: Wieskirche

    Peter0808 / Getty Images

    Along the Romantic Road, you'll find one of the most beautiful churches in Germany; the pilgrimage church Wieskirche ("Church in the Meadow"), close to the little town of Steingaden. The church is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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    Inside the Church of the Meadow

    wieskirche church in bavaria, Germany
    Pratchaya / Getty Images

    Don't miss to take a look inside the richly decorated Church of the Meadow; it is one of the most beautiful rococo buildings in Europe.

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    The Lake "Alpsee"

    Alpsee lake
    Vikas Gupta / Getty Images

    There are many cozy hotels and inns along the Romantic Road; this hotel is right at the lake "Alpsee" in Bavaria, close to the castle Neuschwanstein.
    The Romantic Road is the most popular German scenic drive and can get very crowded in summer - how about visiting in winter, when the Bavarian landscape is covered in a fresh blanket of snow?

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    Fairy Tale Caste Neuschwanstein

    Beautiful view of world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle, the 19th century Romanesque Revival palace built for King Ludwig II, with scenic mountain landscape near Fussen, southwest Bavaria, Germany
    DaLiu / Getty Images


    The Romantic Road ends with a highlight: Visit the fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein, nestled in the Bavarian Alps.

    Find interesting historical facts and useful information for your Neuschwanstein visit in our Guide to Neuschwanstein.