Easter Week Traditions in Poland

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    Palm Sunday in Poland

    Palm Sunday Procession Through Lyse In Poland
    Getty Images/Laski Diffusion - Wojtek Laski

    Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter Sunday, begins Holy Week in Poland. Willow branches or handmade bouquets are taken to church instead of palm leaves on this day. Handmade Easter palms can be purchased at Easter markets in Poland.

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    Traditional Pisanki for Easter in Krakow

    pisanki painted eggs
    Getty Images/Andreas Rentz

    Traditional pisanki feature designs and colors that are particular to regions of Poland. This window features eggs in traditional designs from Opoczno, Opatow, Opole, and other regions of Poland. Traditional pisanki and eggs decorated with non-traditional designs are available for sale around Easter time.

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    Krakow Easter Market

    Poland, Krakow, Easter
    Getty Images/Henryk T. Kaiser

    The Krakow Easter Market is a much-anticipated event that takes place on Main Market Square in Krakow. Easter eggs, Easter palms, and traditional treats are available for sale from vendors in the weeks preceding this important spring holiday.

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    Pastries for Polish Easter

    Babka on an Easter table
    Getty Images/StockFood

    A variety of traditional Easter cakes and pastries can be found in bakery or cukierna shops in Poland in the days leading up to this holiday. Be sure to sample some traditional Polish sweets if you travel to Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, or another city in Poland during this time.

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    Blessing of the Easter Basket for Easter Saturday

    Easter baskets, city market in Cracow, Poland.
    Getty Images/Anna Dudek Photography

    In Poland, on the Saturday before Easter, people take baskets of food to church to be blessed. On Sunday, the blessed food will be eaten.

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    Polish Easter Breakfast

    Little boy setting the table for traditional Easter breakfast
    Getty Images/Imgorthand

    Easter Sunday in Poland is celebrated with an Easter breakfast. Easter breakfast includes the foods blessed on Easter Saturday as well as other traditional Easter foods and is typically a family-oriented occasion. Hard-boiled eggs and cold meats like sausage often make up the Polish Easter breakfast.

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    Emaus Fair in Krakow

    Church of St Benedict (parish church fete-Rekawka), Rekawka street, Podg├│rze, Krakow, Poland
    Wikimedia Commons/Zygmunt Put Zetpe0202

    The Emaus Fair takes place in Krakow on the Monday after Easter. This family-oriented fair is a fun way to celebrate the Polish official holiday on Easter Monday and is a Krakow Easter tradition.