13 Photos of Arambol Beach in Goa

A canoe on Arambol Beach during sunset

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Arambol beach is furthermost north of all the beaches in Goa, and is nestled right near the Maharashtra border. While Arambol beach has become the newest haven for Goa's hippies, plenty of "normal" visitors also flock there to enjoy the relatively undeveloped surroundings.

The popularity of Arambol as a beach destination is growing every year, to the point that Arambol is fast losing its uncrowded and uncommercialized feel. Local pressure has ensured there's an absence of resorts and classy hotels at Arambol though. Just basic guesthouses, most of similar standard, and huts on the beach.

These photos of Arambol beach reveal its appeal, along with some of the attractions in the area.

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Arambol Beach Street

Arambol street.
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Arambol has one main street that runs parallel to the beach. It's lined with shops, restaurants, and guest houses on either side.

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Arambol Beach Shops

Arambol beach shops.
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The many shops at Arambol Beach sell the usual hippie fare, including clothes, trinkets, jewelry, bags, UV backdrops, and crystals.

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Arambol Beach Shacks

Shacks at Arambol.
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Beach shacks line Arambol beach, and many provide accommodations and sun lounges to relax on in front of the ocean. Cactus Guesthouse, at the main entrance too the beach, is a comfortable budget place to stay. In the evening people gather on the beach to chill out, do yoga, play musical instruments, and participate in drum circles.

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Arambol Beach Flea Market

Arambol beach flea market.
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A flea market also takes place on the beach at sunset.

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Health and Wellness at Arambol

Arambol flyers.
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You'll find numerous billboard with advertisement for activities such as yoga classes, tantra meditation, Ayurveda, and Reiki around Arambol. The Reiki Center Arambol (near Double Dutch restaurant) is highly recommended if you want to get a treatment or even study Reiki.

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Arambol Beach Fishing

Arambol fishing.
William Lee-Wright/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

As Arambol is a fishing village, it's common to see traditional fishermen at work.

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Cows on Arambol Beach

Arambol beach cows.
Michelle Fraikin/Getty Images

Cows like to hang out on Arambol beach too!

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Arambol Beach North

North Arambol beach.
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The north end of Arambol beach, identified by its rugged cliffs, has some appealing accommodation options for those who want to see and hear the ocean. The simple guesthouses perched on the hillside offer great views! Blue Fin Guesthouse is a popular option.

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Arambol Beach Cliff

Arambol beach cliffside.

The cliff to the north of Arambol beach (head past the rocks) is a picturesque place, with a narrow walkway lined with small restaurants and guesthouses right next to the ocean.

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Arambol Beach Huts

Arambol beach huts.
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Keep following the path and you'll find these basic beach huts lining the side of the cliff, on the way to the Sweet Water Lake.

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Arambol Sweet Water Lake

Sweet Water Lake at Arambol Beach, Goa
Annapurna Mellor/Getty Images

Walk 10 minutes around the cliff to the north of Arambol beach and you'll find yourself at a more secluded stretch of sand, unusually enclosed by sea on one side and tranquil sweet water lake on the other. There are a few restaurants, sun lounges, and beach huts here. If you want to get away from the crowds, staying in a simple hut on the hillside near the sweet water lake is the solution!

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Fort Tiracol

Fort Tiracol.
Sharell Cook.

Just across the Maharashtra border from Arambol beach, Fort Tiracol sits perched high on the hilltop. The Fort has been converted into a boutique luxury hotel but visitors can still wander though it. The view from Fort Tiracol is stunning, and the bar is perfectly located to take advantage of it. If you want to drink or dine there, be prepared to splurge though. Even a fresh lime soda costs four times what you'd normally pay in a restaurant!

Nearby, Paradise Beach is a relatively deserted beach with clear water and soft sand, bordered by Casuarina trees.

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