Where to Photograph Real Game of Thrones Destinations

We're taking a tour of HBO's Game of Thrones most bucket-list-worthy destinations. From the shores of Croatia to the breathtaking mountainous regions of Iceland, discover how you can travel like the cast of Game of Thrones.

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Dubrovnik: Croatia's Coastal Port

dubrovnik port
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The old port of Dubrovnik is the real-life set of King’s Landing. To begin your photography tour, take a walk down the Baroque steps where Cersei endured the “shame, shame” walk, stopping by St. Dominika Street in the walled old city thereafter. Next, stop at Minčeta Tower, which makes its debut as the House of the Undying, and photograph the sprawling view of the rooftops of King’s Landing.

The water surrounding the city is also home to the Game of Thrones scene where the Battle of Blackwater takes place. Dubrovnik is easily accessible by plane from many major European cities and is a great starting point to visit the islands in the Adriatic.

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Diocletian’s Palace in Split

Diocletian’s Palace in Split
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 A three-hour scenic coastal drive from Dubrovnik is Split, Croatia’s second biggest city. This town is where the Game of Thrones set of Mereen takes place. Photograph the outstanding Dicoletian’s Palace, built almost 2,000 years ago, and document where Daenerys trained her dragons in her throne room. This is also where the slaves' uprising takes place.

About 20 minutes north of Split you can visit Klis Fortress, where Daenerys Targaryen crucifies Mereen’s masters. Split is easy to get to by plane from other European cities and is a very popular cultural port city. See this kimkim article for unique things to do in Split.

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Kornati Islands National Park

Kornati Islands National Park
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In Croatia’s region of Dalmatia, visitors to Sibenik—a fortress-enclosed medieval city—will notice the place looks a lot like Braavos, home to the Iron Bank. Sibenik is a beautiful coastal town just an hour’s drive north of Split. 

While there, photograph the St. James Cathedral, a 15th century UNESCO World Heritage Site, which makes its appearance as the House of Black and White. Visit nearby Krka National Park, a 20-minute drive from Sibenik, to see a beautiful canyon filled with waterfalls and lakes where you can spend the day swimming. Opt to spend the day island-hopping and snorkelling the hidden beaches of Kornati Islands National Park.

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Iceland's Thermal Springs

iceland's thermal springs
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A visit to the thermal springs at Grjótagjá in northern Iceland is the perfect opportunity to practice your landscape photography - you'll also recognize this location as Jon Snow and Ygritte's “love nest.” Visit Lake Myvatn, created 2300 years ago by a volcanic eruption, and bathe in the many geothermal baths surrounding the lake. For lunch, try the Hverabrauð (hot-spring bread) with smoked trout—a rye bread that the locals bake in the geothermal heat. The best way to get to Grjótagjá is by flight from Reykjavik. From the Akureyri airport it's approximately an hour drive to Lake Myvatn area. Along the road, make sure to stop and photograph the many wild Icelandic ponies that wander this land. 

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North of The Wall

green canyon in Iceland
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If you’re brave enough to venture “North of The Wall,” you should make plans to photograph Iceland's Vatnajökul, Europe’s largest glacier (which also happens to be located in Europe’s largest national park). While in the park, visit the most powerful waterfall in Europe, Dettifoss waterfall, or the canyons and caves of Hljóðaklettar. The surrounding areas are considered one of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth, making them the ideal landscape to photograph. From Reykjavik, fly to Hofn and rent a car to explore the area.

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Home of the Wilding Camp

Dimmuborgir rock formation in Iceland
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Dimmuborgir, Iceland serves as the set for the Wilding camp. Release your inner Wilding as you hike through this expansive landscape full of an endless array of lava rock pillars, which eventually lead to Hverfjall volcanic crater. Stay in the small town of Reykjahlíð by Lake Myvatn in order to photograph the many natural attractions.

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The Kingdom of Dorne in Spain

The Kingdom of Dorne in Spain
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Seville, Spain serves as the main set for Dorne, which played big role in season six of Game of Thrones. Photograph The Alcázar, a royal palace and UNESCO World Heritage Site, to see Dorne’s famed water palace of Sunspear. Seville is a one-hour flight, or 2.5-hour train ride, from Madrid.

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Dothraki Sea

southeast Navarre’s Bardenas Reales
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In season five, we saw Daenerys Targaryen taken back to the Dothraki Sea, which, in real life, is in southeast Navarre’s Bardenas Reales, one of Europe’s few deserts in northern Spain. Get to the historical capital of Navarre, Pamplona by plane or four-hour train ride from Barcelona and Madrid. Stay to photograph Pamplona's famous week-long running of the bulls festival which takes place every July.  

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