Take a Photo Tour of Castaway Cay, Disney's Private Island

Disney's Private Island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay
Disney Cruise Line
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    Take a Tour of Disney's Private Island

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    Caribbean sailings with Disney Cruise Line include a day at Castaway Cay, Disney's 1,000-acre private island in the Bahamas.

    Each guest's cruise fare includes access to the island and youth areas, a barbecue lunch buffet, non-alcoholic beverages and self-serve ice cream. Guests can use their ship stateroom key cards to charge incidentals such as alcoholic beverages or rentals for bicycles, snorkel gear, or watercraft.

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    Follow the Signs to Island Fun

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    Only about 55 acres of the island is developed, and all the facilities are within walking distance of the ship. (Get oriented with these maps of Castaway Cay.)

    Got little ones? A fleet of strollers and wagons is available to roll your kids and gear around the island. There is also a tram to bring guests from the beach areas back to the ship.

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    Bring the Kids to the Beach

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    The crescent-shaped family beach is in a well-protected cove so there's no big waves or rip currents. There are plenty of umbrellas, chairs and hammocks at no charge. You can also rent tubes and floats for fun in the swimming lagoon.

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    Take the Pelican Plunge

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    Within easy swimming distance of shore, Pelican Plunge is a 2,400-square-foot floating platform with two curvy water slides that drop you with a splash in the ocean. There are also water cannons and other fun ways to get wet, and a lifeguard is always on duty.

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    Keep Your Kids in Sight

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    If your kids love the Pelican Plunge, grab some lounge chairs on the lovely family beach right next to it. The kids can get to the water slides and still stay within your sight.

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    Meet Your Favorite Disney Characters

    Kent Phillips/Disney Cruise Line

    There are opportunities to meet Disney characters on Castaway Cay, just like on the ship. Consult your "Personal Navigator" leaflet or the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app to find out where to find your favorite characters on Castaway Cay.

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    Give Your Teen Some Chill Time

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    This picture tells the story. The Hideout is a secluded retreat for teens (ages 14-17) where they can hang out, listen to music, or play beach volleyball and soccer.

    Teens can also explore Castaway Cay during the optional Wild Side excursion that includes snorkeling, biking and kayaking through the island and finishes with a big lunch.

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    Take a Break from the Sun

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    Getting too much Vitamin D? Take your kids to In-Da-Shade, an outdoor game pavilion with a giant checkerboard, pool tables, foosball, Ping Pong, and basketball hoops.

    Tweens (ages 11-14) will often have scheduled time here, supervised by youth counselors.

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    Let Kids Join the Club at Scuttle's Cove

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    Do your kids love the Oceaneers Club on the ship? Scuttle’s Cove is the island equivalent, with supervised youth activities for kids ages 3 to 12. It features a 1,200-square-foot water play area with a soft wet deck and an array of pop jets, geysers and bubblers. It also connects to a Monstro Point, a dig site filled with artificial whale bones.

    Fun activities at Scuttle’s Cove include:

    • Gotta Get Soaked, a team challenge with water balloons and buckets
    • Water Mania, water play for younger kids
    • Caribbean Beach Party, sand castle challenges and bubble games
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    Give Little Ones Some Splash Time at Spring-A-Leak

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    Your little ones can splash around safely to their hearts' content at Spring-A-Leak, a splashpad with fountains and geysers. There is bench seating for adults around the perimeter of the area.

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    Pet a Stingray

    Matt Stroshane/Disney Cruise Line

    One of the most popular and memorable shore excursions on Castaway Cay is the stingray experience. Adults and kids 5 and up can stroke debarbed Southern Stingrays during a demonstration and then snorkel in a stingray lagoon with the docile creatures. (Price: $45/adult and $36/child age 5 to 9.)

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    Explore on Two Wheels

    Biking on Castaway Cay, Disney's Private Island
    Disney Cruise Line

    You can rent bicycles on Castaway Cay for $10 an hour, enough time to explore the island on the designated bike trails

    Fun fact: Before Disney bought the island in the late 1990s, it was a stopover for drug runners. Some of the bike path follows a wide ribbon of tarmac that used to be an airstrip.

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    Sneak Away Without the Kids

    Suzanne Rowan Keleher

    If your kids want to spend time in the supervised youth clubs, take advantage of the opportunity to relax at Serenity Bay, the adult-only beach on the island.

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    Enjoy an Empty Beach

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    While the family beaches are fun and action-packed, the just-for-adults Serenity Bay is rarely crowded and much more quiet. The beach is reserved for guests age 18 and up.

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    Pull Up a Chair to the Water's Edge

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

     Pure bliss.

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    Pose with the Fab Four

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    It may not be a national monument, but Mount Rustmore is an iconic destination on Castaway Cay. This is a popular meeting spot and a fabulous photo op.

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    Say Hello to Captain Jack Sparrow

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    You might spy Captain Jack Sparrow walking along the beach. He's happy to chat and pose for pictures.

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    Get a Picture With Olaf at the Post Office

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    Send a postcard to a friend—or even to yourself as a souvenir. The island's post office has special Bahamian postage with a "Castaway Cay" postmark. And remember to get your photo op with Olaf from "Frozen," who sometimes stands sentry outside.

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    Admire Your Ship

    Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    At the island's watersports beach, you can rent sailboats, kayaks, Jetskis, standup paddleboards and more. That's the Disney Dream in the background.