13 Brilliant Photo Poses to Try on Your Next Vacation

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Lean In


It's cheesy, but most kids (and grown ups) just love silly photos and optical illusions. Whether or not you're visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the "lean in" pose can be used at a variety of landmarks.

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Off with Their Heads

Fun Beach Vacation Poses
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You'll need two willing participants to pull off this fun beach vacation pose. After one person is buried up to their head in the sand, the other just needs to pose in such a way that their head is hidden behind their body.

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Think Big and Tall


Little kids love showing off how big they are. Give them a helping hand with a shot that's easy to set up with a statue, lighthouse, or any other tall landmark. Get low when you take the photo to help force the perspective.

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Run and Hide!


For a simple shot with a big punch, use a beach toy to create a fun shot where the object looks larger than life.

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Take a Drink

Gone With the Family

Fountains, geysers, and spouts present all kinds of opportunities for fun shots. Just tell your subject to open wide!

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Gain Superhuman Strength

Go Big or Go Home

With the right angle, little kids can pull off amazing feats! Give yourself a lot of space to get this shot.

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Nom Nom Nom


For this silly shot, you'll need a lot of space to work with. However, it's easy to set up on a beach or field.

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Be a Giant in a Small World

The World is a Book

A shot like this works just about anywhere and with just about any landmark. You can use your own fingers and take the picture one-handed or ask a friend for help!

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Show Us Your Muscles

Epic Life Magazine

This is another forced perspective shot that requires a lot of space to work with, but the result is well worth it.

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Grab Hold of Something Big

Go Big or Go Home

Everything's bigger at the state fair! That means there are plenty of opportunities for fun photo gags like this one taken at the Eastern States Exposition. The boy is perfectly posed to create the illusion of holding the world's largest corn dog.

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Create a Beach Shadow Portrait

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Heading to the beach? This silly shadow portrait gets everyone involved and is super easy to pull off!

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Enjoy a cloud cone

Fun Poses with Forced Perspective
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If the clouds are looking especially fluffy, this is a fun photo trick to try out. You can take the family out for ice cream and ask them to save their cones for last or just bring your own empty cones.

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Snack on a Boat

Fun family vacation photos
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If you're visiting an ocean or lake, this forced perspective shot is a fun one that makes it looks like your subject is about swallow a boat.

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