Phoenix Summer Camp Guide

Fun, Friends (and Learning New Things)

There are many different types of summer camps for children in the Phoenix area. Sports camps, music camps, computer camps, art camps -- you name it, there's a summer camp in the Greater Phoenix that offers it.

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    Phoenix Summer Camps
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    Typically these camps are broken down into appropriate age groups. They might include swimming, arts and crafts, short field trips, educational programs, team sports, life skills, and more. These Phoenix area camps are usually scheduled for a week at a time, but they may also include some drop-in camp activities.
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    Phoenix Summer Camps
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    Most of the cities and towns in the Greater Phoenix area have recreations programs all year long for the residents. In the summer, you can be sure that there are swim programs and other classes and camps to entertain and educate young children, youths and teens. These are usually very reasonably priced programs. Check with the city/town if you are not resident there. Also, some cities make accommodations for those that need financial help with program fees.
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    Phoenix Summer Camps
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    Children attending these camps will be involved in learning or playing a sport, like basketball, volleyball, or gymnastics.
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    Education Camps

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    These summer camps focus on educational issues for young people. Some of them may help to prepare for specific careers, and some may be more tutoring oriented.
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    Visual arts programs, drama camps, music camps and dance camps are all popular in the Phoenix area. Cooking camps, too!

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    Phoenix Summer Camps
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    Kids who want to be astronomers, geologists, computer whizzes and such will appreciate these summer programs.
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    Camping, fishing, rock climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities may be included in these Arizona summer camps.
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    Phoenix Summer Camps
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    These are two categories in one place! First, summer camps that  are associated with religious organizations in Greater Phoenix. Various religions are represented, and these camps have varying degrees of religious education/activities. Second, special needs camps that cater especially to Arizona residents who have special needs and their families. Included are camps for the physically challenged and children with various medical conditions.