Phoenix Sports Teams Logos and Their Meanings

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Arizona Coyotes

A Coyote's logo is depicted on a glass railing during the NHL game between the Phoenix Coyotes and the Carolina Hurricanes at Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

Christian Petersen/Staff / Getty Images 

The official Arizona Coyotes colors are brick red, desert sand, and black. The logos, uniforms, and arena all predominantly feature the brick red color. The primary logo for the Coyotes is an aggressive coyote howling at the moon. It has a two-tone face with zig-zag black markings down the middle, three pieces of mane leading down to the neck, and triangular markings in the ear and chin. The Coyotes logo includes four triangles across the bridge of the snout, representative of the Four Peaks.

The current version of the Arizona Coyotes logo was introduced in 2003. At that time, the team name was the Phoenix Coyotes.

The uniforms of the Coyotes feature the primary logo on the chest. The home jersey is predominantly brick red with a white, three-stripe pattern on the arms and at the waist, and also features a lace-up collar. The road jersey is predominantly white with the same striping pattern as the home jersey featured in brick red but includes a V-shaped collar instead of laces.

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Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals logo is seen in the end zone before Super Bowl XLIII at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.
Jamie Squire/Staff/Getty Images

The uniform change of 2005 was the most significant in the long history of the Arizona Cardinals, who were founded in 1898 and represent the oldest professional football team still in existence. In fact, the "Cardinals" moniker came from the red jerseys the team acquired in the early 1900s from the University of Chicago that team owner Chris O'Brien determined were not maroon, as suggested, but really "Cardinal red."

While the design and overall appearance of the uniforms are drastically different, the team’s main color scheme of red and white has not changed, though the color black was added as an accent.

The new logo was unveiled in January 2005. The beak was changed from gold to yellow, heavier black outlines were added, and, most importantly, this bird is significantly more aggressive looking than the previous bird. This "tougher bird" represents the franchise's hope for a tougher team moving forward.

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Arizona Rattlers Logo

Arizona Rattler defensive player (left) tries to tackle Grand Rapids Rampage player during a game between Grand Rapids Rampage and Arizona Rattlers at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
Gene Lower/Stringer/Getty Images

The Arizona Rattlers play professional indoor American football. The Arizona Rattlers logo, is, appropriately, the letter "R" designed around the head of a rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes (the real ones) are not uncommon in the Sonoran Desert, where Phoenix and Tucson are located.

In 2012 the logo was redesigned from the teal and black "R" with a rattler in the middle. The rattlesnake was designed to be a little more dangerous looking with prominent fangs. The team colors are still copper, teal, and black making the merchandise very popular. The uniforms now incorporate a "snake-skin" pattern on the sleeve and pant inset.

The organization originally held a contest to name the franchise, and "Arizona Rattlers" appeared on more than 200 entries. According to the Rattlers' front office, Jan Curry-Dillingham of Phoenix received two season tickets for life as the grand-prize winner.

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Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks uniform in Phoenix, Arizona.
Jennifer Stewart/Arizona Diamondbacks/Contributor/Getty Images

The Arizona Diamondbacks play Major League Baseball in downtown Phoenix. The inaugural colors of the team were purple, turquoise, and copper. Although styling of the uniforms changed a bit in 2001, there was no major change until the 2007 season when a new logo, new colors, and new uniforms were introduced. The colors are described as Sedona Red, Sonoran Sand, and black.

Various changes have taken place since then, and an entirely new set of uniforms, bearing snake skins, fangs and even incorporating a bit of the throwback teal, were introduced. There are also a variety of logos used by the D-backs.

The name of the team is derived from the Western Diamondback rattlesnake, which still makes its home in Arizona's Sonoran Desert.

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Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns logo
Michael Tipton/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

The Phoenix Suns play professional basketball in downtown Phoenix. For the 2000-2001 season, the Suns introduced a new logo and two secondary logos. These were really just updates to existing logos, modernizing the themes and adding the gray color. Today, the basketball team uses three logos.

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Phoenix Rising FC

Players on Phoenix Rising FC taking the field for warm ups prior to the match against the Vancouver Whitecaps II at Phoenix Rising Soccer Complex on in Phoenix, Arizona.
Jennifer Stewart/Stringer/Getty Images

Formerly known as Arizona United, the Phoenix Rising FC (football club) plays professional soccer in Peoria. In 2013 the Phoenix Rising FC was introduced to Arizona.

The original logo depicted a fierce Mexican wolf, an inhabitant of the Sonoran Desert. The color red was used to "symbolize power, influence, and strength." Phoenix FC utilizes the Sedona Red color, associated with its home state of Arizona.

In 2017, the team revealed a new logo, name, and plans for a new stadium. The new logo depicts a firey soccer ball.

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