September in Phoenix: Weather and Event Guide

September Summer in Phoenix

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September is an interesting month to visit Phoenix. The days are still hot, but slightly lower temperatures at night bring some relief. Events are few and far between, with it being the tail-end of summer, but pockets of cooler weather will allow you to do some exploring outdoors. Be forewarned, summer weather-worn locals can be a bit cranky.

Urgent Summer Seasonal Information

In addition to the summer months in Phoenix being the hottest of the year, it’s also monsoon season. Monsoon season in Arizona is from June through September and brings with it the risk of flash floods and dust storms (a.k.a. haboobs). Flash flooding can cause inconvenient road closures and dust storms can lead to dangerous driving conditions due to low visibility. A lot of locals love monsoon season due to the chance of rain, but if you’re visiting from an area where storms are the norm, you’ll likely be less than impressed.

Phoenix Weather in September

September is certainly still summer in Arizona, so if it’s cool, desert evenings you’re after, you might want to delay your visit another month or two. That being said, monsoon activity is significantly less and there will start to be pockets of days under 100 degrees.

·      Average high: 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius)

·      Average low: 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius)

·      Average rainfall days in September: 2.8 days

What to Pack

A tried-and-true travel technique is to pack lots of layers – no matter your destination or time of year! Arizona in September is a great example. Daily highs can vary somewhat drastically, while hotels and businesses are still going to be cranking the air conditioning. Light, breathable fabrics that provide protection from the sun are also a must. Consider sunny-weather essentials a must-pack: hats, sunglasses, sun screen, bathing suit, etc.

September Events in Phoenix

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With the heat of summer still on, your best bet for entertainment in Phoenix in September is a hotel or resort with a great pool and/or spa. You’ll want outdoor activities to include a dip in a cool pool. Here are a few other options to have some fun in the Valley of the Sun.

·      Restaurant Week: Arizona Restaurant Week occurs twice annually, with the fall edition occurring in September. A number of well-respected restaurants around the Valley will be offering special prix-fixe menus at excellent prices.

·      Attend a Sporting Event: If there’s two things Phoenix locals love in September, it’s sunsets and sports. The MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks and the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals both play in closed stadiums, while ASU’s Sun Devils Football team and Phoenix Rising Football Club both play in outdoor stadiums with striking sunset and mountain views.

September Travel Tips

·     Consider booking accommodations directly through resorts’ websites and be sure to look out for summer specials and packages. If it’s a deal you’re after, prices will be less expensive in early September. Cooler temperatures on the horizon in October comes with higher prices!

·     It might seem obvious, but drink water. Lots of it! Folks who aren’t used to the dry desert climate and extreme heat can start to feel the negative effects of dehydration almost immediately.

·     Golfers will want to look into courses’ twilight rates, when they can get steeply discounted tee times after 2 p.m.

·     If you’re wanting to spend your days poolside, research the local resorts’ offerings. Bonus luxuries like chilled pools and poolside cabanas (shade!) will go a long way toward making the experience more pleasant.

To learn more about the different times of year to visit Phoenix, check out our guide on the best time to visit Phoenix.

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