Phoenix Rush Hour Commute Survey

How Long Does it Take You to Get From Here to There?

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Moving across town is tough, but moving across country is even worse. It can take an hour or more for people to get from here to there in the various cities and towns in the Greater Phoenix area. One of the most challenging issues for people who want to figure out where they should live involves rush hour commute times.

In an effort to help give people a snapshot of rush hour commute times in the Valley of the Sun, responses to this survey are posted here:

In order to provide helpful information to readers, only the following people should respond to the survey:

  1. People who drive a car or truck, or take METRO Light Rail or the bus, between 6 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.
  2. You don't have to take the route every day, just often enough to know how long the average commute time is.
  3. Some people may commute from various points to various points. For instance, I know my commute time to work, but I also know the commute time to the airport, and I know the commute time to one of my clients in Scottsdale. As long as the trips fall during rush hour as I have defined them above, I can use the information. Just submit another survey if you have an additional location.
  4. You may complete surveys for other household members. In fact, please do! The more responses I have, the more valuable the information will be for others.

OK, the questions are easy. Here we go -- just copy and paste these questions with the answers into an email addressed to and, if the information is complete, I will add it to my commute time pages. I will reply to your email and let you know when it is published.

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  1. In which city or town are you starting?
  2. What are the two major cross streets at the point of origination (where you're starting from)?
  3. Which city or town is your destination?
  4. What are the two major cross streets at the point of destination (where you're going to)?
  5. How much time on average, in minutes, does it usually take to get there?
  6. Do you drive city streets, highways without HOV, highways with HOV, bus or METRO Light Rail?

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