Phoenix Average Monthly Temperatures

Phoenix, Arizona Weather Information

Palm tree lined street, Phoenix, Arizona
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What's the hottest month of the year in Phoenix? August wins that award.

Planning a trip to Phoenix can be tricky. You can get some great rates at fantastic resorts in the summer, and there are certainly advantages to visiting the Valley of the Sun during the summer months. But before you make your reservation, make sure you understand Phoenix weather. Phoenix has about five months of summer, and the weather in Phoenix can be brutal if you aren't used to it.

Finding and Interpreting Phoenix Temperatures

You will see average temperatures for the Phoenix area published in various places, and they will vary by a degree or two. Keep in mind that the official temperature for Phoenix is monitored at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in downtown Phoenix. Slightly cooler temperatures may be experienced in the suburbs of Phoenix, especially those cities at higher elevations, with differences being possibly as much as five degrees from the official Phoenix reading.

Average Temperatures in Phoenix

The average Phoenix temperatures listed here are derived from data for the years 1980 through 2016 provided by the National Weather Service.

January Weather
Average temperature: 57
Average high temperature: 67
Average low temperature: 46
Warmest ever: 86
Coldest ever: 29
Average precipitation: .91

February Weather
Average temperature: 60
Average high temperature: 71
Average low temperature: 49
Warmest ever: 92
Coldest ever: 28
Average precipitation: .92

March Weather
Average temperature: 65
Average high temperature: 77
Average low temperature: 54
Warmest ever: 100
Coldest ever: 38
Average precipitation: .98

April Weather
Average temperature: 73
Average high temperature: 85
Average low temperature: 60
Warmest ever: 105
Coldest ever: 40
Average precipitation: .27

May Weather
Average temperature: 82
Average high temperature: 95
Average low temperature: 69
Warmest ever: 113
Coldest ever: 50
Average precipitation: .11

June Weather
Average temperature: 91
Average high temperature: 104
Average low temperature: 78
Warmest ever: 122
Coldest ever: 60
Average precipitation: .02

July Weather
Average temperature: 95
Average high temperature: 106
Average low temperature: 83
Warmest ever: 121
Coldest ever: 68
Average precipitation: 1.05

August Weather
Average temperature: 94
Average high temperature: 104
Average low temperature: 83
Warmest ever: 116
Coldest ever: 64
Average precipitation: 1.0

September Weather
Average temperature: 88
Average high temperature: 100
Average low temperature: 77
Warmest ever: 112
Coldest ever: 57
Average precipitation: .64

October Weather
Average temperature: 77
Average high temperature: 89
Average low temperature: 65
Warmest ever: 106
Coldest ever: 44
Average precipitation: .58

November Weather
Average temperature: 64
Average high temperature: 76
Average low temperature: 53
Warmest ever: 96
Coldest ever: 35
Average precipitation: .65

December Weather
Average temperature: 55
Average high temperature: 66
Average low temperature: 45
Warmest ever: 84
Coldest ever: 26
Average precipitation: .88