Phoenix Attractions Above the Ground: Flying High

Floating, Flying, Gliding, and Soaring Above Phoenix

You just can't keep some people down. With about 300 sunny days per year in the Valley of the Sun, it's no wonder that this area is prime for aerial adventures.

These attractions are specifically geared toward those people who want to have an experience that virtually lifts their spirits; some will offer amazing valley views and others will simply provide that extreme adrenaline rush. They appear here in no particular order.

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    Predator Zip Line at Out of Africa

    Out of Africa Wildlife Park is a refuge for big cats and other African and exotic animals, located about two hours north of Phoenix in Camp Verde. You can take traditional tours, on trams or on foot, but the more adventurous among us will want to experience Out of Africa on the Predator Zip Line, a three-hour zip line tour over the preserve. You'll probably be the first of your friend to have this kind of experience!

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    hot air balloons
    © Judy Hedding

    There are several hot air balloon companies operating in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Morning and sunset flights are offered. You don't need to exert much energy to take a hot air balloon ride, but you do have to climb in and out of the basket, and not be afraid of heights or small, confined spaces. Many a marriage proposal has been made in a hot air balloon! Check out this video of a hot air balloon ride!

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    Soaring in Arizona - a woman in the cockpit of a plane on the ground
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    In Maricopa at the Estrella Sailport (south of Phoenix) you can take a glider and ride those thermals! Take lessons, or just take a demonstration ride. If you can handle it, try the aerobatic ride. You'll wear a parachute for that one....

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    Skydive Phoenix - a man and a girl skydiving
    Skydive Phoenix

    About an hour from most points in Phoenix, your first skydive will probably be a tandem dive, with a trained instructor. You don't need your own equipment, but age and weigh restrictions will apply. There is also an Accelerated Free Fall Program. Experienced jumpers can rent equipment here as well.

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    iFLY Indoor Skydiving in Scottsdale - man and girl
    iFLY Indoor Skydiving

    If you aren't ready to jump out of a plane, but you want the adrenaline rush of doing just that, you can experience it in a controlled environment in Scottsdale, at iFLY Phoenix. Minimum age is three, weight and other restrictions may apply.

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    Fighter Combat International in Arizona
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    Have you ever seen one of those aerobatic pilots at an air show or stunt show, and wondered what it felt like to climb, and dive, or roll and spin, to fly upside down, or experience maneuvers at 3 Gs or more? You can do just that at Fighter Combat International in Mesa, Arizona.