6 Perfect Clothing and Accessory Gifts for Travelers

From Staying Warm to the World's Best Travel Jeans

When you hear the phrase “travel clothing”, do you think of ugly zip-off pants and khaki shirts? Well, think again. Companies are coming out with stylish and innovating clothing and accessories for those on the move, and there’s no need to look like a traveler just because you are one.

Solar-powered gloves and battery-powered jackets keep the winter chill at bay, stylish modular shoes give flexibility despite strict baggage limits, merino compression socks reduce pain and swelling, and much more. Check out our six great gift options below.

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Seirus SolarSphere Brink Glove

Seirus Solarsphere gloves

Nobody likes having cold hands, and that’s as true on a skiing or snowboarding trip as it is in daily life. When the temperature really drops, even the best gloves have a hard time keeping your fingers warm enough without help. That’s where Seirus’s SolarSphere range comes in.

The waterproof, breathable Brink gloves are made from a mix of tri-laminate and leather, with a velcro cuff to keep the cold out. Where things get interesting, though, is in the use of solar-heated synthetic insulation. It absorbs the sun’s rays, automatically increasing heat levels inside the glove by up to ten degrees. No more frozen digits!

The gloves are touchscreen-compatible, so there’s no problem using a smartphone while wearing them, and are available in men's and women’s styles, in a range of sizes.

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Torch Universal Coat Heater

Torch Universal Coat Heater

 Speaking of cold weather, Torch has come up with an innovative way of adding extra comfort and coziness to existing coats and jackets.

While heated jackets have been around for a while, they’re not always the most stylish things in the world. Torch’s Universal Coat Heater uses three heating pads, a rechargeable battery and mounting kit to convert existing outerwear into a heated version.

The installation kit provides mounts for three coats, making it easy to swap the heating pads between them. The Torch has four heat settings, giving between two and five hours of warmth, and weighs just four oz. It’s perfect for skiing, camping or just exploring somewhere new in chilly conditions.

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Dock and Bay Travel, Yoga and Sports Towel

Dock and Bay Travel and Yoga towel
Dock and Bay

Taking towels on vacation is a challenge. Those big fluffy versions that are so great in a bathroom are less so in a suitcase, taking up too much space and never drying properly. The microfiber models are easier to pack and dry quickly, but they’re often scratchy and never quite big enough.

Dock and Bay bridges the gap with its Travel, Yoga and Sports range. Available in several colors and large (63x31”) and extra-large (78x35”) sizes, they’re big enough for two people to lay out on the beach or in the park, yet pack down small enough to drop into a day bag. They come in a stylish cotton pouch for easy transport, with an elastic hook to keep them off the ground.

Surprisingly soft for microfiber, and drying in a fraction of the time of traditional cotton towels, the Dock and Bay range makes for a practical yet stylish travel gift.

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Aviator Travel Jeans

Aviator travel jeans

When is a pair of jeans not a pair of jeans? When it’s a pair of Aviator’s travel jeans. The company has taken the classic five pocket jeans style, then embedded several travel-specific features in a range of colors and styles.

There’s a hidden, zipped section in one of the rear pockets, keeping wallets and other valuables out of the reach of pickpockets. A similar, smaller secure compartment in one of the front pockets is ideal for passports, and the fifth pocket is large enough to store a smartphone. The front utility loop keeps earphones or keys easily accessible.

The soft denim is flexible and breathable, making it comfortable on the plane or around town, and less sweaty in hot weather. Made in Los Angeles, with a ‘guaranteed to fit’ promise, these jeans may well live up to their not-so-humble tagline: “The best travel jeans in the world.”

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CEP Recovery+ Merino Compression Socks

CEP Recovery+ Merino compression socks

Anyone who’s spent more than a few cramped hours in a coach seat will be well familiar with the cramps and swollen joints that come with it. Lack of blood flow to the legs is uncomfortable at best, and dangerous at worst – fliers have died from blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) in the past.

CEP’s Recovery+ Merino compression socks improve circulation for travelers, keeping the blood moving to reduce damage and discomfort whether from enduring a long-haul flight, or walking around cobbled streets for hours.

Available in men's and women's styles, these quality merino wool socks have inbuilt heat and moisture control, plus antibacterial and odor-reducing properties that keep them smelling fresh even after days of wear.

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Alterre Interchangeable Shoes

Alterre shoes in suitcase

Shoes are always some of the most difficult things to pack – they’re inflexible, oddly-shaped and take up far more room than they should. Rather than trying to make one pair match every outfit (an impossible task), or force people to take an entire second suitcase full of shoes (more than a little impractical), Alterre has come up with an innovative alternative.

The company’s interchangeable shoes come in two parts – the “lift” (base of the shoe), and the “look” (the strap). Lift options include both heels and sandals in a range of colors and styles, while there are over three dozen looks to choose from. All lifts and looks are interchangeable, snapping together or apart in a matter of seconds. It’s easy to have the right shoes for any occasion, without the bulk.

The company sells starter kits with a lift and two looks, plus individual options as desired. With lambskin uppers and extra padding to keep feet comfortable for hours, Alterre’s shoe range is a fashionable, flexible and practical choice for travelers.

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