Pequot Ledge Campground - Gardner Lake, Connecticut

Campground Review Submitted by Louis

Campground: Pequot Ledge Campground 
Location:  Gardner Lake, Connecticut
Last visit: September 2014
How Found: Web Search
How Camped: Cabin

Campground Review and Description

Description: I drove down to look at the camp before making reservations. What I saw was a dilapidated and rapidly deteriorating resort that resembles little more than a decaying trailer park. There are several cabins but only two are available because the others are in such a state of disrepair that they are unsafe. The so called showers and bathrooms are disgusting and unusable. The inside of the cabins are dusty and loaded with insects. The plumbing does not work,I know because I test flushed the toilet to get rid of many dead bugs floating in the water.

The access road is a mess and not suitable for cars. In general the place is a dump managed by an apathetic staff. Thank god I looked the place over before staying. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

Pros, Cons, Comments and Rating

Pros: Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I guess if I'm forced to find a silver lining in this waste heap it is that this place is perfect for the kind of camper that likes to hide in the woods and drink to oblivion. And don't worry about being judged, they will be surrounded by like minded individuals.

Cons: Everything from price to cleanliness to accessibility. 

Attractions: Well there is a pretty lame, but that can be accessed through the state park so no need to camp at Pequot Ledge. The casinos, Dinosaur Place and many other things within 30 minutes including better camps and hotels.

Additional Comments: I can't believe the owners show obviously outdated photos of their now degraded camp. Shame shame shame. At least have the decency to tell people that the cabins are not available anymore and tenting is free because you have to pay for hot water in a filthy, unsanitary and unhealthy facilities. 

Rating: 1

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