Peppa Pig Theme Park: The Complete Guide

Entrance to Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida

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If you have pre-kindergarten children or grandchildren, you know Peppa Pig. For the uninitiated, Peppa is a rambunctious 4-year-old piglet and the star of her own animated series. The U.K. show, which features the adventures of Peppa and her porcine family, has become a worldwide phenomenon. It’s so popular in America, toddlers are mimicking the characters’ British accents and picking up across-the-pond phrases and words such as “give it a go,” “petrol,” “how clever,” and “Father Christmas.”

With the opening of Peppa Pig Theme Park in 2022, kids and their families can now “go on holiday” and visit the cheeky pink porker in person. The delightful park, which is expressly geared for the 6-and-under crowd, offers rides, attractions, shows, activities, and dining all themed to the franchise.

Decidedly less overwhelming than parks such as the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, little kids seem to adore the more relaxed vibe at Peppa Pig Theme Park. Everything is scaled down and accessible, giving children an opportunity to cavort amid the beloved characters.

The park is adjacent to Legoland Florida Theme Park and is part of the Legoland Florida resort. Located in Winter Haven, the resort is about 75 minutes away from Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld Orlando in Central Florida, the theme park capital of the world.

Note that Peppa Pig Theme Park is not a land within Legoland Florida. It is a separate gate and requires its own ticket to enter. Note also that the resort is about equidistant from the airports in Orlando and Tampa.

Overview of Peppa Pig Theme Park

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The Layout of Peppa Pig Theme Park

At less than five acres, the park is smaller than many lands within major parks. (For comparison, consider that Disney World’s Epcot is more than 300 acres.)

“The whole park is easy to navigate,” Kelly Hornick, head of marketing and communications at Legoland Florida Resort, told TripSavvy. “Kids can run from attraction to attraction, and parents can easily see them.” Rather than having to transport their children around the park, parents typically use strollers as de facto lockers; they park them in one spot and return to them to grab diapers, snacks, and other supplies.

The Florida park is part of a larger trend of “micro parks” that are being developed. Rather than full-size parks, which might take a full day or more to enjoy, the smaller properties can be easily experienced in a few hours. The attractions they offer, however, can be comparable to the E-Ticket rides found at bigger parks. Examples of other micro parks include Sesame Place in San Diego and Mattel Adventure Park in Arizona. The concept is especially apt for pre-schoolers, who have limited stamina to handle larger parks.

“It’s an adventure just as big as the kids are,” is how Hornick describes Peppa Pig Theme Park.

The Peppa Pig park is divided into themed lands such as Fun Fair, Grandad Dog’s Pirate Island, and Muddy Puddles. Within the lands are a mix of mechanical rides and play spaces. There are about as many play areas as there are rides. The rides typically have wait times, which can be challenging for fidgety kids, and some of them have height requirements. Kids of all sizes can access the play spaces without having to wait, however, and stay as long as they wish.

Muddy Puddles Splash Pad at Peppa Pig Theme Park

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Peppa Pig Theme Park Rides & Attractions

One of the favorite pastimes in which Peppa and her younger brother George love to engage is jumping in muddy puddles. Likewise, one of the highlights at the park is the Muddy Puddles Splash Pad. (While there are plenty of opportunities to splash here, rest assured there is no actual mud.) A kind of mini water park, the play area includes small water slides, fountains, geysers, sprayers, and other ways to get soaked. Kids will find the splash pad irresistible, so be sure to bring swimsuits and towels. There are changing rooms available, although the park does not offer any lockers.

Another highlight is Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster. The gentle ride could serve as a child’s first coaster experience. Rather than a chain lift, booster wheels propel the train up a small lift hill. Along the route, passengers can catch a quick peek inside Peppa’s house. The course is so short, each ride includes two circuits. One of three rides that include height requirements, riders must be at least 36 inches tall to board Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster.

Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Adventure is another gentle experience. (Really, all of the park’s thrills are pint-sized and toned down.) Passengers board dinosaur-themed ride vehicles that proceed along a track and pass set pieces. Among other rides is Grandad Dog’s Pirate Boat Ride, which sends passengers in boats floating in a circle; Mr. Bull’s High Striker, a mini drop tower ride; and Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride, during which hot air balloon vehicles spin and rise up in the air. Kids provide their own pedal power on Peppa’s Pedal Bike Tour; using free-roaming bikes, they navigate along a path themed as a nature trail through woods and mountains. Younger visitors can opt for George’s Tricycle Trail.

Other play areas include Grandpa Pig’s Greenhouse, Rebecca Rabbit’s Playground, Pirate Island Sand Play, Peppa Pig’s Treehouse, and Madame Gazelle’s Nature Trail. They all offer ways for kids to interact with the environments, and feature slides, mazes, and climbing structures,

Mr. Potato's Showtime Arena at Peppa Pig Theme Park

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Characters & Entertainment

Peppa and her family are on hand to greet guests and perform in shows presented at Mr. Potato’s Showtime Arena, including “Peppa Pig Comes to Play.” The interactive presentations get the audiences singing, dancing, and participating in the action. Instead of chairs or benches, the outdoor theater offers very comfortable bean bag seats nestled on the grass. Befitting the attention spans of young children, the performances run for about 10 minutes. Similarly, episodes from the series are available to watch in five-minute increments at the indoor cinema.

Muddy Puddle Milkshakes at Peppa Pig Theme Park

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Dining at Peppa Pig Theme Park

The quick-service eatery, Miss Rabbit’s Diner, is the place to grab grub at the park. Kid-friendly fare includes grilled cheese sandwiches, toasted PB&J sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, and pizza. For the grownups, there are grain bowls, a smoked brisket melt served on focaccia, and a Margherita flatbread.

The park’s signature treat is the Muddy Puddle Milkshake, which is available in strawberry and chocolate flavors. The decadent concoctions include swirls of chocolate and whipped cream and come topped with cookies. Kids can burn off the sugar high by splashing in the Muddy Puddles play area.


Peppa Pig Theme Park is a certified Autism Center. It offers both a sensory guide and an accessibility guide to help parents anticipate and plan for the experiences their children will encounter. Among the accommodations that the park has incorporated, passengers in wheelchairs can load directly into the vehicles on Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride.

Tickets & Accommodations

Discounted tickets are available when purchased in advance online. Two-day passes, with a reduced price for the second day, are also available. The resort offers bundled ticket packages that include admission to both Peppa Pig Theme park and Legoland Florida park. Annual passes are available.

Legoland Florida Resort offers three on-property places to stay: Pirate Island Hotel, Legoland Hotel, and Beach Retreat. All of the themed hotels include free hot breakfast and separate sleeping areas for kids. There are also complimentary workshops and entertainment available.

Tips for Your Visit

  • Visitors tend to arrive early in the day, and the lines for the rides can get long. Consider visiting midday or in the early afternoon when many families begin leaving the park. You may be able to walk onto many of the rides or have a minimal wait.
  • Two of the resort’s hotels are within walking distance of the park. If your child melts down, or if you have a diaper emergency, you could easily head back to your hotel room to take a break. You could also chill out at the hotel’s pool for a break and return to the park later in the day.
  • If the Florida sun and humidity get overbearing, head over to the air-conditioned cinema and take in a couple of episodes of "Peppa Pig" to cool down.
  • If you are thinking about staying on property, check out Legoland’s package deals. The resort often has special offers such as a free third night or all-inclusive meal deals.