Maricopa County Residents: What Do You Call Them?

Phoenix, AZ
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If you're on a vacation or moving to a different part of the country, it's both smart and polite to know what to call the people who live there. Locals in a certain city or state are often known by a certain name. Everyone knows a person from New York is a New Yorker. A person who lives in California is a Californian, and someone who hails from Texas is a Texan.

But in other places, figuring out the right moniker is a little bit tricky.

If you're traveling or moving to the Phoenix area, you need to know what should you call residents of Maricopa County, which covers most of the Phoenix metropolitan area. There are 25 cities and towns in Maricopa County, and each one has a different take on names for locals. Here's some clarification on all the ways to refer to Arizonans in the Phoenix area and other places in the state.

Residents of Maricopa County

Everyone who lives in Maricopa County is called a Maricopan. But locals also are residents of cities in the county. Here is what you should call residents of the largest ones:

  • Tempe residents are Tempeans
  • Glendale residents are Glendalians
  • Peoria residents are Peorians
  • Mesa residents are Mesans
  • Chandler residents are Chandlerites
  • Buckeye residents are Buckites
  • Scottsdale residents are Scottsdalians
  • Carefree residents are Carefreeites

Residents of Arizona Cities and Towns

  • Phoenix residents are Phoenicians
  • Tucson residents are Tucsonans
  • Flagstaff residents are Flagstaffans
  • Prescott residents are  Prescottonians
  • Yuma residents are Yumans