Pei Wei Asian Diner

Pei Wei Asian Diner
©Judy Hedding

The Bottom Line

The food at Pei Wei is reasonably priced, and everything is a la carte. Entreés range from about $6 to $9. There are more than 10 Pei Wei locations throughtout the greater Phoenix area.


  • Very casual
  • Kids are welcome and enjoy it
  • Nice, very clean environment


  • Self-service


  • There is a separate entrance and register for take out orders--very convenient.
  • A kid's meal with a drink is only about four bucks.
  • When ordering a Pei Wei entreé that has rice, you have a choice of white or brown. Thanks!
  • Vegetarians have lots of choices.
  • I love the napkins! They are big and thick.

Guide Review - Pei Wei Asian Diner

Pei Wei is brought to our neighborhoods by the same people who created PF Chang's. Actually, much of the food is similar, except the Pei Wei concept is even more casual, and Pei Wei is more of a cafeteria style eatery. Large menu boards are visible as you enter Pei Wei, and you place your order with a cashier. You pay in advance, you are given the number for your order and beverage glasses. You get your own drinks, silverware, napkins and condiments, choose a table, and wait for your order to be delivered.

The environment is crisp and clean. I like the fact that your food arrives on real plates, and the utensils are not plastic. You can serve yourself as many refills on the beverages as you'd like. Staff is available to assist with any special requests, like more special sauce for the lettuce wraps, or take out containers.

We have had several Pei Wei dishes at various times, and our favorites are the Mongolian Beef, Dan Dan Noodle Bowl, Pei Wei Pad Thai, Shrimp with Lobster Sauce (maybe a bit blander than in other places) and the Pei Wei Spicy entreé, which is a Pei Wei signature dish. The signature dishes may be ordered with chicken, shrimp, scallops, beef, or just vegetables. So far, the only entreé I don't care for at Pei Wei so far is the Blazing Noodles. Sometimes we just go for appetizers, or have appetizers for lunch.

Yes, you guessed it--Pei Wei's Lettuce wraps are exactly like PF Chang's and I love 'em! We also enjoy Pei Wei's Crispy Potstickers.