Peak Design's New Product Launch Revamps Crowd Favorites

Simple, utilitarian, and durable, what more could you want?

open duffel bag with a person placing packing cubes into it

Courtesy of Peak Design

If you're hoping to refresh your luggage line-up this winter, award-winning travel brand Peak Design is here to help.

The company, which got its start revolutionizing travel gear for photographers, is expanding its product line with new sizes of brand favorites, new colorways, and a brand new packable tote. The launch includes the tote and new dimensions of the travel backpack, duffel, and wash pouch. (As a bonus, all aspects of Peak Design's production process are carbon neutral and a vast majority of the company's products use 100 percent recycled materials.)

fair skinned handing holidng a blue backpak by a strap on the back of the bag

Courtesy of Peak Design

30-Liter Travel Backpack, $229.95

This smaller iteration of the 45-liter backpack is perfect for a weekend trip or as a day bag while retaining the durability and features of its larger cousin. First is the weatherproof nylon shell made of 100 percent recycled materials. Take it through a rainstorm, snow, even wind, and your belongings will be just as you packed them.

Handles on all sides of the bag—even the back—make it easy to carry and stow if you're using it as a carry-on. The backpack has a massive top pocket with plenty of elastic, zippered, and mesh pockets to keep your items secure and organized, including a padded 15-inch laptop sleeve. It can fit three of Peak Design's packing cubes, and a sturdy zipper makes rear access incredibly easy.

Large empty sage green duffel bag with the top pocket unzipped.

Courtesy of Peak Design

65-Liter Travel Duffel, $169.95

This bag takes all the things people loved about the 35-liter duffel (large zipper access, a bevy of organizational pockets on the interior and exterior, and recycled shell) and makes it almost twice as large. The variety of straps and handles means you can carry this bag on your shoulder, on your back, or with one hand. It can fit four medium-sized packing cubes with plenty of space left over.

open toiltrey bag with many pockets. The bag is fill with toiletries like deoderant, a shaver, toothbrush, and dental floss

Courtesy of Peak Design

Small Wash Pouch, $49.95

If you’re a light traveler or you take a lot of weekend trips, this compact toiletry bag is perfect for you. The flat bottom ensures that the bag remains upright, while a stowable hook makes it easy to hang on a towel rack.

Internal mesh pockets are coated with silicone to prevent lingering wetness, and you’ll never have to worry about your toothbrush getting dirty, thanks to a dedicated pocket with a magnetic closure.

Small nylon pouch with a button closure on a white background

Courtesy of Peak Design

Packable Tote, $19.95

What's better than the ever-versatile tote bag? An ultralight tote bag that can be collapsed into a small pouch, making for easy packing. The zip closure keeps your items in and dirt out, while the recycled polyester/nylon shell is water-resistant and rip-resistant. The single padded strap gives this tote a leg up on competitors as you can pack it to the brim without worrying about a strap digging into your shoulder.