Gear Review: Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip

 Courtesy of Peak Design

I am one of those people who still believes that carrying a proper camera with you on your travels is the best way to record the journey. While I certainly love the size and convenience of a smartphone, those devices still lack proper lenses for taking great photos from a distance. Because of this, I often find myself carrying my DSLR and several lenses when I hit the road. This adds a lot weight and bulk to my pack, but I feel like I get much better photos as a result.

Carrying that camera, and keeping it close at hand, on an active adventure trip can be a real challenge however, as all too often it can feel like it is just in the way while hiking, climbing, or mountain biking. But the Capture Pro camera clip from Peak Design can alleviate that problem altogether and secure your DSLR in a safe and convenient manner. 

Secure Carry

The concept behind the Capture Pro is a simple one. It includes both a special mounting plate that attaches to a backpack strap, bag, or belt, allowing the user to securely carry their DSLR with them just about anywhere. That mount easily attaches to one of those aforementioned points, while a second attachment clip slips nicely into the tripod mount on the camera itself. The two pieces work in conjunction with one another to hold the camera squarely in place until it is needed, allowing the photographer to take it with him or her without fear of dropping it along the way. When it comes time to start shooting, a simple push of a red release button frees the camera. Until that time however, it stays securely in place even when the photographer is very active.


Installing the Capture Pro camera clip is a simple affair, and Peak Design has included all of the tools you need to do so right in the box. It does take a few minutes to get everything just right however, and some patience may be required depending on where you are installing the mounting plate. Because of this, I'd recommend getting everything set up and tested well before leaving for a trip, or you may find yourself becoming a bit frustrated with how everything works. Read the instructions carefully and the process should go smoothly, just do it in the comfort of your own home before heading out on an excursion.

Quality Components

Peak Design has used very high quality materials in building the Capture Pro. Key elements of the clip are made from lightweight – yet very strong – aluminum, which only helps to reinforce the impression that this is a premium product. The excellent build quality of the clip also adds to the sense of security you get while using it in the field, as the last thing you need is for your expensive camera to be dropped to the ground because cheap materials failed to live up to expectations. Fortunately, that won't be the case with the Capture Pro, which had no problem holding my DSLR solidly in place on my backpack while I used it on a recent trip to Alaska. At no time did I ever fear that it would come loose, even though I was trekking and climbing in remote areas. 

Built for Adventure

The Capture Pro is one of those products that you don't really know you need until you've actually used it. Once you've put it to the test while traveling, you'll almost certainly become a convert. I could have used this clip on previous expeditions to Kilimanjaro or the Andes for instance. On those trips it was annoying to have a camera slung across your neck or shoulders while climbing, but it was equally as frustrating to constantly stop to pull it out of my pack to snap a few photos too. With this camera clip that wouldn't be an issue at all, as it securely holds the camera in place on my shoulder strap where it can be easily accessed when needed. 

Overall, this is a product that works exactly as advertised, providing a safe and convenient way to carry your camera, while also managing to keep it close at hand. But if there is one complaint to be made about the Capture Pro it is that at times it can be tough to get the camera out of the clip when you're ready to use it. For me, this usually happened when I was trying to pull it out too quickly, often when I was trying to take a photo of a moment that was fleeting. When I was patient, and took my time, I rarely had problems with the clip however, and I assume that with experience this will become less of an issue. It is important to be aware of though, as it is another element that can cause frustration when first using the product. 

The Capture Pro carries a $69.95 and is designed for use with pro level DSLR cameras. If you have a lighter model, the standard Capture model will probably more than suffice, and sells for just $49.95. Both products are excellent additions to the adventure traveler's gear arsenal, helping us to carry our cameras in a more sensible and efficient way. 

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