How To Pay a Traffic Ticket in Miami

Online Payments Are Quickest, Easiest Way to Go

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In years past, getting a traffic ticket in Miami's Dade County was not only a pain because you were going to be out a few extra dollars, but the actual act of paying the ticket was like punishment in itself. Since 2013, the county offers payment options via an online, mobile portal for traffic tickets received in Miami-Dade. The transaction nowadays takes minutes.​

Back in the Day

Previously, if you received a citation, you needed to either mail a check or visit the clerk's office and stand in long lines to make payment. The hassle to pay a traffic ticket sometimes led to tickets not getting paid. Mounting late fees and penalty charges added up, and after 90 days late notices went to collection agencies, and failure to pay could lead to license suspensions. In fact, from 2012 to 2015, the failure to pay fees accounted for 77 percent of all license suspensions in Florida.

Going Mobile

In 2013, Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts went mobile. Users can execute various county transactions on mobile devices, including paying parking tickets or code enforcement violations and obtaining certified copies of documents.

Official Stance on Penalties

According to the Clerk of Courts, failure to not satisfy your citations within 30 days of issue date can result in the suspension of your driver’s license and will require the payment of additional fees. Any fine and cost that remains unpaid more than 90 days may be referred to a collection agency, and an additional 40 percent charge can be added to the amount owed.

Check Your Ticket Status

You can verify the status of your ticket via the online traffic system using your citation number, driver's license number or name and date of birth. It can take approximately three weeks for the citation to appear in the system. You cannot pay a traffic ticket online or by phone unless the information is in the system. Whether or not your citation appears in the system, you are still responsible for paying for that ticket within 30 days of the issue date.

Make Payment Electronically

In order to make payment online, you will need your citation number, driver's license number or name and date of birth to locate your citation. Once you locate your citation, you will need to enter your payment information.

When to Mail in Payment

If your traffic citation does not show in the systems within two weeks, you should mail payment with a copy of the citation to avoid late penalties or visit the clerk’s office to make payment.

In Case of License Suspension

If your driver license was suspended because of failure to comply with a Miami-Dade County traffic citation, once you are in compliance, you may reinstate your driver license at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or at any of the Miami-Dade County Clerk's Office locations.

Parking Tickets

Parking citations are written to a vehicle found in violation of a county or state law, and, by law, parking violations are the responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle. You can pay parking tickets online, too. 

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