Pay Your Oklahoma City Utility Bills Online

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Sven Frigger / EyeEm/Getty Images

Oklahoma City now has several ways to allow you to pay your water utility bills and city traffic tickets online through a few simple clicks. Here's how to make your Cinderella City bill paying quite a bit easier.

Water Utility Bills

  • For water utility payments (which includes sewer service, trash pick-up, and drainage fees), go to OKC's Online Payment Center.
  • Select to make either a one-time bank payment or one-time credit/debit card payment.
  • Enter your city account number.
  • Pay your bill with either Visa or Mastercard, or directly from your bank account.

If your payment includes a past due amount, you must contact customer service at (405) 297-2833 to avoid service interruption. Payments may not appear on the site for 24 hours.

Traffic Ticket Payment

  • For traffic or parking ticket payments, go to OKC's ​Court Case Information System.
  • Search by case number, name, or drivers license number.
  • Pay your ticket with either Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.

New cases typically take three to five business days to appear online. Payments may not appear on the site for 24 hours. Call the clerk's office at (405) 297-3898 for further information.

Options for Paying Online

The online account also allows you to sign up for an account to make automatic payments. You can also pay someone else's bill, and there is even a utility app that you can use to pay your bills with your Apple or Android device.

Oklahoma City has also arranged to work with the numerous Paysite Kiosks available around town that you can use to pay your city bills. Find your neighborhood kiosk by navigating to the PaySite Kiosk website and entering your zip code.