A Guide to Pasadena Lodging

Find a Place to Stay in Pasadena, California

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Pasadena is just north of downtown Los Angeles, at the northern terminus of Hwy 110. I-210 passes through it from east to west. Other towns around Pasadena include Altadena, Glendale, South Pasadena and La Canada Flintridge. Some online reservation services will include all of them when you search for Pasadena hotels, but at others, you may have to search by the individual town names.

Finding a Hotel in Pasadena

Find your Pasadena lodging like a pro. Use the same process we use to choose our recommended hotels. However, you'll need to know a few things about Pasadena hotels first:

  • Most Pasadena lodging clusters along Colorado Blvd and in downtown.
  • When comparing prices, remember that Pasadena hotel tax is 15% - and be sure to add parking fees into your total cost.

Once you've picked a few good candidates for your trip, apply all the best tricks to get the lowest possible rate.

Pasadena Hotels along the Rose Bowl Parade Route

Hotels along the Rose Bowl Parade route are mid-level to budget accommodations most of the year. Unfortunately, rates skyrocket for the Rose Bowl Parade and you may need to make reservations a year or more in advance.

The Best Western Colorado Inn (2156 E. Colorado) and Westway Inn Pasadena (1599 E. Colorado) have some rooms that face Colorado Blvd. where you could watch the Rose Bowl Parade from your window. Other hotels along the route include:

The hotels below are near enough to the Rose Bowl Parade route that you can walk to it, saving on parking. Check your grandstand address against the hotel address. The Rose Bowl Parade route is several miles long and a hotel in the 1300 block of W. Colorado is a long way from the grandstands at 100 E. Colorado. Getting a hotel on the same side of the street as your seats may be helpful if you need to return to your room before the parade ends.

Finding a B&B in Pasadena

Bed and breakfast inns can be harder to find without spending countless hours going through their websites. Bedandbreakfast.com gives you a handy place to check on many of them at once.

Pasadena Vacation Rentals

We love to rent a big house and invite a bunch of friends to join us (or rent a small one to have all to ourselves). You'll find lots of condos and houses to rent in Pasadena, but finding the right one takes a little more work. Take a look at what's available through Tripadvisor.