Which Theme Parks Have the Most Roller Coasters?

Roller coaster skyline at Six Flags Great America in Illinois

TripSavvy / Arthur Levine

Do you want to know which theme parks and amusement parks across the globe have the most number of roller coasters? You've come to the right place. We have compiled a rundown of the 12 parks that boast the biggest arsenals of thrill machines. Note that many of the parks are tied. Most of the parks on the list are located in North America. And of the 12 parks, eight of them are in the United States. We're crazy over coasters in the U.S.

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Six Flags Magic Mountain - 20 Roller Coasters

Twisted Colossus Racing coaster

Six Flags

The number one park for the most number of roller coasters—at an astounding 20—is (sound of timpani roll) Six Flags Magic Mountain (sound of cymbal crash). It started with a cute theme about gnomes who lived in a Magic Mountain, but the California theme park evolved into a big, bad, scream-filled, coaster haven. Its arsenal features Superman: The Escape, a launched shuttle coaster that reaches 100 mph, Tatsu a well-regarded flying coaster, and X2, the world's first 4th-dimension coaster (and among the scariest coasters out there). In 2015, Six Flags Magic Mountain gave a radical makeover to its classic Colossus and unleashed the hybrid Twisted Colossus, our pick for the ride that leads the list of U.S coasters you have to ride. In 2022, the park will introduced its 20th scream machine, the single-rail Wonder Woman Flight of Courage.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is located in Valencia, California.

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Energylandia - 19 Roller Coasters

Energylandia theme park Poland


With two roller coasters planned to open in 2022, including the thrill ride, Choco Chip Creek, Energylandia joins the listings in the second position. Other notable coasters at the park include the launched Formula, the water coaster, Speed, and the wooden-steel hybrid, Zadra.

Energylandia is located in Zator, Poland.

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Canada's Wonderland - 17 Roller Coasters

Canada's Wonderland
Svetlana Grechkina/Wikimedia Commons

While other parks on the list were battling one another over which one could assemble the most number of roller coasters, Canada's Wonderland quietly (in typical Canadian fashion?) kept building new rides and slipped into the number three position. Among its huge collection of thrill machines are Behemoth, an enormous hypercoaster, Leviathan, an even bigger Giga-coaster (and one of the world’s best coasters), and Wonder Mountain's Guardian, which is more of a shoot-em-up dark ride than a coaster.​ In 2019, the park introduced Yukon Striker, a dive coaster.

Canada's Wonderland is located in Maple, Ontario, just outside Toronto.

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Cedar Point - 16 Roller Coasters

Maverick at Cedar Point
Craig Lloyd/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

For a while there, Cedar Point (which bills itself as "The Roller Coaster Capital of the World") was duking it out with Six Flags Magic Mountain for coaster supremacy. The Ohio park eventually blinked (although 16 roller coasters is nothing to sneeze at). But it continues to build new rides (such as GateKeeper in 2013 and Valravn in 2016) and improve older ones (such as Rougarou in 2015 and the phenomenal Steel Vengeance in 2018). Among its other wonderful coasters are Maverick, Magnum XL-200, Millennium Force, and Top Thrill Dragster.

Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, Ohio.

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Six Flags Great America - Tied with 15 Roller Coasters

Six Flags Great America
Courtesy of Six Flags Great America

Another park with a top-10 best coaster, Great America is overflowing with thrill rides and screaming passengers. Highlights include Goliath, which earned the distinction of being the world's fastest, tallest, and steepest wooden coaster when it debuted in 2014 (and is the ride that ranks among our top-10 best). Other notable rides include X-Flight, a wild "wing" coaster, the impulse coaster, Vertical Velocity, and the delightful wooden kiddie coaster, Little Dipper. In 2019, the park opened the launched ride, Maxx Force.

Six Flags Great America is located in Gurnee, Illinois (near Chicago).

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Wiener Prater - Tied with 15 Roller Coasters

Wiener Prater coaster Vienna

Prater Wien GmbH

Operating since 1766, Wiener Prater’s first roller coaster dates back to 1899. It's no longer open, but the park does have 15 coasters to try. One of them, Hochschaubahn, opened in 1950 and still has an onboard brakeman that controls the ride’s speed. In 2022, the park is set to open Wiener Looping, a steel ride.

Wiener Prater is in Vienna, Austria.

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Kings Island - Tied with 14 Roller Coasters


Arthur Levine

Diamondback an airtime-loaded hypercoaster is among the best steel coasters in North America (IMHO). The legendary The Beast is one of the most famous wooden coasters on the planet (if among the most overrated). In 2017, Kings Island introduced Mystic Timbers, a themed wooden coaster.

Kings Island is located in Mason, Ohio.

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Carowinds - Tied with 14 Roller Coasters

Intimidator roller coaster at Carowinds

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company

Carowinds is located on the border between North Carolina and South Carolina The parks' one-two punch of world-class coasters is Intimidator, a wild hypercoaster filled with airtime, and Fury 325, the world's fastest and tallest giga-coaster when it debuted in 2015. The park's Afterburn is a great inverted coaster.​ In 2019, Carowinds introduced Copperhead Strike, a launched coaster with five inversions.

Carowinds is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Hersheypark - Tied with 14 Roller Coasters

Hersheypark coaster


In 2020, Hersheypark opened Candymonium, a 201-foot-tall hypercoaster, and moved onto the list with a total of 14 thrill machines. The classic park also includes the wooden Lightning Racer, the wing coaster, Skyrush, and Fahrenheit, which boasts a 97-degree drop.

Hersheypark is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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Europa Park - Tied with 14 Roller Coasters

Europa Park Arthur Coaster
Europa Park

Operated by the Mack Family of Mack Rides fame, Europa Park serves as a testing ground for the ride manufacturer's latest roller coasters and other innovations. It is also the second largest theme park in Europe behind Disneyland Paris. Many of its rides are highly themed, including Arthur (pictured above), an inverted roller coaster that includes dark ride elements and tells the story of Arthur and the Minimoys.

Europa Park is located in Rust, Germany.

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Six Flags Over Texas - Tied with 14 Roller Coasters

New Texas Giant coaster at Six Flags Over Texas
© Arthur Levine.

The original Six Flags park has plenty of rails to ride, including the New Texas Giant, the first hybrid wooden and steel coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction. Other highlights include the hypercoaster, Titan, the classic wooden coaster, Judge Roy Scream, and Runaway Mine Train, the world’s first coaster of its type, In 2022, Six Flags Over Texas will open Aquaman: Power Wave, a hybrid coaster and splashdown ride.

Six Flags Over Texas is located in Arlington, Texas.

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Six Flags Great Adventure - Tied with 14 Roller Coasters

El Toro coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure.
© Arthur Levine.

The popular Six Flags park has some kick-ass coasters including the world's tallest (and wildly fast), Kingda Ka, the wonderful hypercoaster, Nitro, and the new-age wooden coaster, El Toro. In 2021, Great Adventure opened the single-rail ride, Jersey Devil.

Six Flags Great Adventure is located in Jackson, New Jersey.